Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Georgia: Nina Sublatti won national final

The Georgian national selection came to an end this afternoon with Nina Sublatti as winner with her song 'Warrior'. In combination of public & jury votes she reached 21 points, close behind her came Misha Sulukhia with his song 'One & Only' and 19 points. Here is the full result:

Nina Sublatti - Warrior

Besides 'Warrior' from Nina we already have a lucky winner from Malta with the same song title. Amber won the MESC last year in November and will represent her country with the song in Vienna. Which 'Warrior' will be placed better at the end?! :-)

Nina Sublatti will represent her country and perform in one of the Semi-Finals on 19th or 21st of May in Vienna.

Find out more about Nina and follow her: 

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