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Montenegro: Exclusive! Interview with Knez "I expect to have moments of a lifetime"

Knez (© Nemanja Krstic)
Nenad Knežević Knez, better known under his stage name Knez, was choosen internally by RTCG to represent Montenegro this year at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

We had the chance to talk to Knez about his Eurovision participation and his plans in the next months. Read our interview with him below to find out what he had to say...

Hello Nenad, first of all – congratulations that you was chosen internally to represent Montenegro next year in Vienna at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

What does it mean for you representing your country on Eurovision 2014?

Knez: It is the dream come true. This is something I literary dreamed about to do in my career. It’ s great honor but responsibility as well.

What was your first thought as you realised 'I will represent my country on ESC 2015'?

Knez: I cant describe how happy I was! RTCG called me few days before this news was published officially, so those few days were so hard for me as I couldn’t share this with anyone.

For now it’s not known which song you will sing. Can you tell us something about what is planed? Will you sing in your languge or english? Or maybe a combination of both? Which kind of style will it be?

Knez: We are still listening for potential song, so I cant tell you nothing more about song details. All I can say is that will be good and worth of listening.

What is the official release date for your Eurovision song? When can hear it and see the cover?

Knez: RTCG should announce it soon.

Are you planing to make an promotional video? If yes, can you tell us something about that? (If it’s decided..)

Knez: Yes! We plan to do promo video, we even have idea to do some documentary of our producing phase and preparing for Eurovision.

What are you expecting in Vienna?

Knez: I expect to have moments of a lifetime. To meet musicians from other countries, meet fans of Eurovision, share my music and try to place myself and Montenegro in the final.

Are you a Eurovision fan? If yes, have you seen last years final show and what was your favorite?

Knez: Yes, I love to watch Eurovision, and I do it mostly every year with my family and friends. I need to say Montenegro, Norway, Armenia, Sweden, Hungary and many more.

What is your favorite entry from your country?

Knez: Sergej Cetkovic with 'Moj svijet'.

Have you ever met an ESC artist? If yes, who was it and how was your meeting?

Knez: Back in 2006, I took part in Eurovideo grandprix in Tirana, Albania. So there were all contesters from Eurovision Song Contest that year, where I had chance to meet them – Alenka Gotar, Severina, Tose Proeski, Dima Bilan... I do know also regional singers from ex Yugoslavian countries, who I meet in everyday life.

What are your plans in music for 2015?

Knez: The plan for 2015 is to release my new 11th then to represent Montenegro in Vienna and promote that song as much as I can. There are some planned music videos, tours in Europe and lot of interesting activities, music album and promote new songs,

In April 2015 will be in Amsterdam one of the biggest Eurovision promotion event – the 'Eurovision in Concert' and one week late the 'London Eurovision Party'. Are you planning to be there to promote your song?

Knez: Yes of course. I would like to join those two events, as I heard the best of them. It will be great way to feel part of Eurovision atmosphere just before Vienna.

Why should European people vote for you?

Knez: Because I will have good performance and good song. I wish people will like it, so to wish to see me sing live one more night.

Do you have a message for ‘Join Us on Eurovision’ readers and your fans?

Knez: Hope you are having nice holidays and enjoying winter time, and hope to see you in Vienna, until then you can listen to my music more :-)

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in Vienna. See you there!

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