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Estonia: Exclusive! Interview with Elisa Kolk "My dream is it to be on the big Eurovision stage one day"

Elisa Kolk is one of the participants for the first Semi-Final from 'Eesti Laul 2015' in Estonia on 7th of February 2015 with her song called 'Superlove'.

We had the chance to talk to Elisa Kolk some days ago about her participation in the Estonian competition. Read our interview with her to find out what she had to say...

Hello Elisa, first of all gratulations that you are one of the qualified participants for the National Selection ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ on 7th of February 2015.
How does it feel to be part of ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ with the song ‘Superlove’? 
Elisa: Oh…I still cant believe it! This is amazing. I am one step closer to one of my biggest dreams.

Who had the idea that you could take part in ‘Superlove’? 
Elisa:  My amazing producer of course. When I first heard that song I just fell in love with it!

Who decided ‘Superlove’ for ‘Eesti Laul 2015’?
Elisa: Both of us. Me and my producer. We kinda made this song for Eesti Laul. Our dream is to be on that big Eurovision stage one day!

Why it was chosen to sing in English and not in Estonian language?
Elisa: I think that I do it better in English. Of course I love singing in my own language too, but it feels like English just fits me better. And I'm also sure that English songs do better in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Can you tell us something about the story behind ‘Superlove’?
Elisa: I am not connected to that song personally, Im just a singer. But the producer (Vahur Valgmaa aka Wh1teland) is definitely connected to this. He wrote that song. That took a very long time... all this recording and work. But now I like what it is like!

Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career? 
Elisa:  My career as a singer started when I was 14 years old. I made this song called “Tahan olla sinu” (“I want to be yours”). Typical lovestory, but Estonians loved it. And then it all started. I have done everything by myself, no managers…nothing. I like to build myself up. I have always worked really hard and I do it still!

What are you expecting in the first Semi-Final ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ on 7th  of February 2015, are you excited?
Elisa: I am super excited! So I hope that we will be in the final! I got a good feeling about this! Lets see what happens.

Are you a Eurovision fan? 
Elisa: Oh yes! You can't even imagine! :-)

Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what is your favorite from Estonian participants?
Elisa: I loved Greece song in 2012, “Number one”. My favourite is probably Ott Lepland – Kuula. I am his fan! 

Ott Lepland - 'Kuula' (ESC 2012, Estonia)

What is your first Eurovision memory?
Elisa: Ummm….when I started to watch it maybe?! ;-) All the older people remember when Estonia won the Eurovision, but I was sooo so little then yet.

Which kind of music do you hear in private?
Elisa: I love RnB. This is my secret passion. But generally it depends of my mood. I also love ballades, and this kind of sad songs. But it doesn’t mean that Im a sad person!! :-)

Can you tell us something about Elisa in private?
Elisa: I like doing 100 different things at the same time. I do everything everytime what I like. In Estonia I am a model, an actress and a singer! And 3 schools! So I am a very active person.

What makes you happy?
Elisa: My family! Singing. Performing. My friends. I am so happy to have all these amazing people around me.

What makes a day for you perfect?
Elisa: Every day is perfect for me. Every day is a new day, a new start! Im obviously very positive about everything! :-)

What are your plans for 2015 beside ‘Eesti Laul’?
Elisa: Oh..big ones! Like I said, going to Eurovision is still my biggest dream now. But after this Im planning to release an album in October 2015. Probably I do a lot of music with different musicians, because I'm planning to go to Australia in summer and then LA. Can't wait!

What was the most excited moment in your life? 
Elisa: The most exiting…hard question..! I think I don’t have one concrete.  Everything I do is always very exciting, because I can do so many different things and activities.

What are your wishes for the future? 
Elisa: Graduate all my schools, go to the ESC, work really hard and go to United States and LA! My near future plans. We will see what life brings.

Why should the audience from Estonia vote for your song to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2015? 
Elisa: I think that song is unique! The show on the stage is going to be something really special and I m giving all of me there! 

Do you have a message for ‘Join Us on Eurovision’ readers and your fans? 
Elisa: To my fans around the world I always want to thank them for their support and believing. It means a lot to me! Sending love to everyone!!

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in ‘Eesti Laul 2014’ and maybe we see us in Copenhagen! 

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