Friday, January 30, 2015

Estonia: Exclusive! Interview with Daniel Levi "We are expecting to have a great time"

Daniel Levi is one of the participants for the second Semi-Final from 'Eesti Laul 2015' in Estonia on 14th of February 2015 with the song called 'Burning Lights'.

We had the chance to talk to Daniel Levi some days ago about the participation in the Estonian competition. Read our interview with her to find out what he had to say...

Hello Daniel, first of all gratulations that you are one of the qualified participants for the National Selection ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ on 14th of February 2015.

How does it feel to be part of ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ with the song ‘Burning Lights? 
Daniel: Three letters: OMG! It feels amazing. We are so glad that our song has been selected to be a part of this process. Its such an encouragement to us.

Who had the idea that you could participate in the Estonian national selection? 
Daniel: I think everyone in our band has thought of it at one time or another, but this year things just fell into place and we had the right song at the right time.

Who decided ‘Burning Lights’ for ‘Eesti Laul 2015’?
Daniel: We all did. It just felt right. We didn't plan about it for half a year, but it just happened very organically. 

Why it was choosen to sing the song in English and not in Estonian language?
Daniel: Easy answer: because we wrote the song in english and the estonian translation is a bit funny. 

Can you tell us something about the story behind ‘Burning Lights?
Daniel: The story behind Burning Lights starts when the electricity went out in our apartment where my wife and I live. It inspired me to write about how a lot of times its the people around us who bring light into our lives. Some people have the ability to shine so bright that they have to be noticed. 
Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career? 
Daniel: For many years all of us have been making music in our church. We still love doing that. It was a good thing that we started in church - so when we sounded terrible the people were still very positive and forgiving!

What are you expecting in the first Semi-Final ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ on 14th  of February 2015, are you excited?
Daniel: We are expecting to have a great time! 

Are you a Eurovision fan? 
Daniel: YES! Our family and friends always get together to watch eurovision. Its a must. 

Why should the audience from Estonia vote for your song to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2015? 
Daniel: We believe in our song. We like the story that it tells and if people can relate to that story as well and there is someone in their life who is like a “Burning Light” to them, then we would be glad to represent Estonia at ESC in 2015!

Do you have a message for ‘Join Us on Eurovision’ readers and your fans? 
Daniel: Thanks for your support and we truly hope that you fall in love with our song like we have!

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in ‘Eesti Laul 2015’ and maybe we see us in Vienna! 

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