Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Video: Watch 'Я все еще люблю' from Tina Karol

Tina Karol - 'Я все еще люблю'
Tatyana Grigoryevna Liberman, better known under her stage name Tina Karol, represented 2006 Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song 'Show Me Your Love'. Today she released the video for her new song 'Я все еще люблю' (engl. 'I Still Love')

Tina Karol - 'Я все еще люблю' (Official Video)

On 8th of December released Tina Karol her latest album called 'Помню...' (engl. 'I Remember...'), which includes 8 tracks.

You can download the album on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

2006 won Tina the Eurovision casting for Ukraine with the song 'I am Your Queen'. Later her Eurovision entry were changed to the song 'Show Me Your Love'. She reached 7th place in the Eurovision final with 145 points. In the same year she released her debut album with the same title. Do you remember her Eurovision entry?

Tina Karol - 'Show Me Your Love' (Eurovision performance)

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