Monday, May 26, 2014

ESC 2015: the number of particpants is growing (26.05.2014)

Two weeks after Conchita Wurst has won the Eurovision Song Contest the numbers of countries which will participate in the 60th Eurovsion Song Contest next year is growing, while in other countries the discussion is ongoing, if the country should participate in Austria next year.

Countries which will participate:

The following countries will participate in one of the Semifinals on 12th resp. 14th of May:

Armenia, Denmark, Estland, Finland, Ireland, Island, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary

From the BIG 5 the following Countries will participate and join Austria in the Big Final on 16th of May:

Germany and United Kingdom

Discussions in following countries:

Belarus: There are discussion that the national selection will be held together with 2009 winner Alexander Ryback. A confirmation about that is still outstandíng.

Georgia: Due to suspected fraud in 2014s jury-voting of Georgia, EBU may ban the country for three years.

Greece: 10 years after the victory it is likely that Greece will also participate in 2015.

Italy: Also it is not yet confirmed, that Italy will participate in 2015, the official Italian facebook page reports: Let's go to Vienna!

Israel: There are rumors about the government have plans to close down Israels broadcaster IBA. If this will become real, the participation of Israel is in question.

Monaco: Rumors telling that Monegaasque singer Josh Stanley was in discussion with broadcaster TMC for him representing Monaco in 2015.

San Marino: Valentina Monetta said in an interview that she can imagine to participate again for her Country in 2015.

Serbia: On a press conference of the Serbian broadcaster RTS it was said, that it is very likely that Serbia will return into the ESC in 2015 again

Czech Republic: Due to bad interest of viewers it is unlikely that Czech Republic will return to the ESC in 2015, Kamilia Kaislerova said.

Russia: Russian Communist Party deputy Valery Rashkin proposed a new contest called "Voice of Eurasia" for former Soviet States. This means Russia may not be part of the ESC 2015.

Turkey: After the victory of Conchita Wurst, the islamic-conservative government criticizes the sexual innuendos during the performances and homosexual artists. There is no confirmation but it is unlikely that Turkey will return in 2015.

Cyprus: It is not yet confirmed but after the financial crisis Cyprus had to cancel the participation the year but wants to return to the 60th anniversary of the ESC. 

Countries which will not participate:

Andorra: Also in 2015 Andorra will not be participate in the ESC next year. 

Slowakia: The Slowakian RTVS broadcaster announced in a press conference that also in 2015 Slowakia will not participate.  


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