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Eurovision Young Musicians: Meet the participants (Part 2)

Eurovision Young Musician 2014

Eurovision Young Musician is a competition for European musicians which are between 11 and 19 years old. The competition is held every two years and started in 1982 in Manchester. First winner was Markus Pawlik and he played piano. On 31 May this years final will take place on the Roncalliplatz in the center of Cologne next to the big cathedral called 'Dom'. Host broadcaster is WDR. Now it's time to find out more about this years participants..

Kurt Aquilina

Flag of MaltaMalta 

  • Artist: Kurt Aquilina
  • Age: 10.07.1995
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Pieces: 
    • Final: 
      • Concerto De Aranjuez - 2nd Movement Adagio by Joaquin Rodrigo
  • More about Kurt Aquilina

Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov
Flag of MoldovaMoldova 

  • Artist: Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov
  • Age: 06.01.1998
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Pieces:
    • Final:
      • Piano concerto by Liviu Shtirbu
    • Semi-Final:
      • Prelude and Fugue no.2 A minor op.87 by Dmitri Shostakovich
      • Novelette No.3 by ancis Poulenc
      • Sonata no.1 by Rodion Shchedrin
  • More about Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov.

Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde
(© Nadia Norskott)

Flag of NorwayNorway 

  • Artist: Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Pieces:
    • Final:
      • 3. movement from Violin Concerto no 1 in G minor, op. 26 by Max Bruch
    • Semi-Final:
      • Poème, Op.25 by Ernest Chausson
  • More about Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde.

André Gunko
(© T. Kharambura)

Flag of PortugalPortugal 

  • Artist: André Gunko
  • Age: 17
  • Instrument: Cello
  • Pieces: 
    • Final:
      • Cello Concerto op. 85, 2 mov Lento. Allegro molto by Edward Elgar
    • Semi-Final
      • Suite for solo cello - Intermezzo e danza finale by Gaspar Cassadó
      • Pezzo Capriccioso by Piotr Tchaikovsky
  • More about André Gunko.

Urban Stanič (© Aleš Anžič)

Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 

  • Artist: Urban Stanič
  • Age: 18
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Pieces:
    • Final: 
      • Grande polonaise brillante, op. 22 E-flat major by Fryderyk Chopin
    • Semi-Final:
      • Sonata/Capriccio K20, E - Major by Domenico Scarlatti
      • Paraphrase de concert S. 434 by Franz Liszt
      • Suggestion diabolique, op.4 by Sergej Prokofjev
  • More about Urban Stanič.

Eurovision Young Musicians 2014

14 countries participating in this years competition:

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