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Switzerland: Exclusive! Interview with Freschta "I love to sing ballads and I hope that the audience will feel the song so much as I do"

Freschta is one of the finalists for "Die Entscheidungsshow 2017" with her song "Gold". She will participate in the national final on 5th February 2017.

We talked to Freschta some days ago about her participation in "Die Entscheidungsshow 2017". Read out interview below to find out what she had to say..

Hello Freschta, first of all gratulations that you are one of the qualified participants for the Swiss national selection “Die Entscheidungsshow 2017”.

How does it feel to be part of national selection with the song "Gold"?
Freschta: I feel blessed. This is my second try to reach the national selection and I`m so happy that the swiss jury like the song and my performance.
Who had the idea that you could participate in the Swiss national selection and who decided "Gold"?
Freschta: It was a producer who I knew from the show „The Voice of Switzerland“. And he knew that I would like to join the ESC. My friend IRA MAY, wrote the song and we decided to take GOLD. IRA MAY is a swiss singer and songwriter and her own albums reached the swiss Top10 album charts.
What is the message of "Gold"?
Freschta: Actually it is about lovesickness. But for me it is about Music. I missed being on a big stage after „The Voice of Switzerland“, so I relate this song to Music.
Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career?
Freschta: That might be participating in The Voice. Everything started there. Before, I mainly sang for myself and friends or in the context of school events.
What are you expecting in the national selection “Die Entscheidungsshow 2017”, are you excited?
Freschta: I`m very excitet and I`m looking forward to singing "GOLD". I love to sing ballads and I hope that the audience will feel the song so much as I do.
How do you prepare yourself for the show?
Freschta: Rehearse rehearse rehearse… I have no special ritual before entering the stage. I always try to be calm and that isn't easy for me.
Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what are your all time favorites from Swiss entries?
Freschta: My favourite song is "Euphoria" and my favourite swiss song was „Time to shine“ from Mélanie René. Mélanie René has such a beautiful voice.
What is your first Eurovision memory?
Freschta: Loreen. Her performance was so focused and the song is extremly catchy.
Which kind of music do you like personally?
Freschta: A lot! Everything except heavy metal. There is the right musical direction for every mood, only for heavy metal I haven`t found the right mood yet.
Who is Freschta as private persons?
Freschta: Workaholic. Kind. I love being with friends.
What are your plans for 2017 besides “Die Entscheidungsshow”, are you working on a album?
Freschta: I started working on my first album. I feel happy, that there will be more Freschta Music in 2017. For updates follow me on facebook and visit my homepage
What was the most excited moment in your life?
Freschta: When STRESS  - he is a famous singer in Switzerland and he was my coach at The Voice - pushed the button and turned around in his seat at my blind audition at the „Voice of Switzerland“.
What are your wishes for the future?
Freschta: Be a good musician. There is still so much to learn
Why should the Swiss audience vote for your song to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2017?
Freschta: The only reason for this should be: Because it is a beautiful song and they like the way I perform.
Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans?
Freschta: First of all: Enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!  If you live in Switzerland: Please give my song GOLD a chance even if it is melancholic and vote for Gold at the swiss finals if you like it. And thanks for the support… be patient with me… there will be more music soon ;-))
Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in “Die Entscheidungsshow 2017” and maybe we see us in Kyiv!

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