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Latvia: Exclusive! Interview with Aminata: "I wrote the song 'Fighter' as motivation for myself"

Aminata (© Viktorija Simanovich
Aminata represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna with her song "Love Injected". This year she wrote the winning song "Heartbeat" from Justs, who will reprsent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. On 29th February premiered Aminata her brand new single "Fighter" in the Latvian final of "Supernova".

We spoke to Aminata after the show about her experiences in Vienna, about working with Justs on "Heartbeat", her new single "Fighter" and much more. Read our interview below to find out what she had to say....

Aminata (© Joy Edwards)
Hello Aminata, first of all congratulations for winning tonight the Latvian national final of “Supernova” with your song “Heartbeat”, which you have written for Justs. 

How do you feel right now?
Aminata: Thank you :-)) I feel really amazing. I can’t believe it yet that we’ve won tonight the Latvian preselection with my song “Heartbeat”.  It’s really nice and I’m very thankful for that :))
In the last days it was already written in many social medias that Justs will win this competition. Have you expected to win?
Aminata: Well I tried to have a bit distance to that. You’ll never know what will happen and what people will vote for. The result showed that there were only a few percentage points between first and second place. We actually couldn’t know who will win. When I heared that Justs was on first place I thought “Oh my god.. It’s done :)”.  But it wasn’t clear from the beginning. 
Can you tell us something about the idea writing a song for “Supernova” and why you chose Justs as musician for “Heartbeat”?
Aminata: Well, it came all very naturally. One morning I woke up and thought that I could finish a song I wrote some weeks ago. I started writing the first verse and the chorus and than I thought about for who I’m writing the song – is it a guy or is it a woman. Than I thought about Justs. He was the only thought in my mind, I wasn’t thinking about someone else. Than I called Justs. But we were not in a connection to each other that time. We only met a few times for some minutes on different contests. For me it was enough to understand that Justs is a talented singer. He has this energy and this positive personality. 
…what happened next?
Aminata: Well, than I called him and talked about him that I wrote that song and that I want him to sing this song. I sent him my demo, which I made on my mobile. In the beginning he said “Oh I don’t know. I’m not sure if that’s my style..” But than he came to the studio and we made this arrangement. We like d the result and here we are :-)
Aminata & Justs (© Joy Edwards)
  Are you planning to go to Stockholm with him?
Aminata: I don’t know yet. I would love to come with him. But we’ll see..
Last year you represented Latvia in ESC 2015 with “Love Injected”. You ended on 6th place, which is the best result for Latvia since many years. Can you tell us something about your experiences from Vienna?
Aminata: The experience was very positive. Everything was such a high level. Eurovision is the biggest contest in Europe, maybe in the world. It was just great. I remember as the first show started, I was starting to cry, because it was sooo beautiful and so organized. This level of the organization was just perfect. Everything was done in time. I was enjoying the whole time. 
What was your most exciting moment in Vienna?
Aminata: Proppably it was the first moment of the beginning from the first Semi-Final when the show started and the orchestra begun with all the lights on stage and Conchita started to sing. That was the moment as I was so full of emotions and started to cry. I realized how big this event is, it was just beautiful. 
What happened with you after Eurovision?
Aminata: A lot of people were proud because of the good result. I got more popular in Latvia and I had concerts there and in other countries near Latvia. I gave concerts in Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus. I had a great platform to develop and I hope this year will also help me to develop and to grow. 
You are nominated for some Latvian Music Awards, right?
Aminata: Yes! :-) I have six nominations for the Latvian Music Awards. It will be on 15th March. I’m nominated with the most successful group from Latvia, with Brainstorm, they have six nominations too. That’s crazy :-) We will see what happens and how many awards I will get ;) 
Today you released you brand new single “Fighter” and you premiered the song in the final of “Supernova”. What is the story of the song?
Aminata: I wrote the song “Fighter” as motivation for myself. There are some times where you are felling down, feeling upset and you are feeling like your dreams are going away.. In this moment you should get up and start to work, to believe in your dreams – no matter what happens, no matter what’s going on and no matter what people around you say. Just do your thing, believe in yourself and fight for your dreams. I sing "I’m a fighter for the rest of my life." 
At the moment you are working on your debut album. When will it be out?
Aminata: I think my album  will be out in October. On 13th October I’m planning to make my own concert in Palladium, which is a big venue here in Riga.
I will  present my new program which is called “Red Moon”. “Red Moon” is also the title for my new album. 
The style of the album will it be like “Love Injected” and “Fighter” or different?
Aminata: I feel comftable with this style of “Love Injected” and “Fighter”. I think I will continue for the album with this kind of music style :-)
Thank you so much for the interview and looking forward to see you again in Stockholm!

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