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Greece: Exclusive Interview! Teo Buzz speaks about his new project RadioAct "I'm more creative in the studio as when I'm on stage"

Teo Buzz represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd with the song "Rise Up". Two years later he is back as producer from his new project RadioAct and the their first single "Me n Myself".

Some days ago we spoke with Teo about his Eurovision experiences, his new project RadioAct and about this years Greek Eurovision entry "Utopian Land" from Argo. Read our interview with him below and find out what he had to say...

Hello Teo, it’s already two years ago since you represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd and the song “Rise Up”. 

What happened in your life after Eurovision?
Teo: Those two years after ESC have been really creative for me. With Freaky Fortune we were touring a lot more than before Eurovision and it was keeping us quite busy. However I found the time afterall to expand my profession as a producer and focus on some other ideas that I had in mind for quite some time. I started working on my personal album and collaborating with many artists in my studio.

Can you tell us something about your experiences from Copenhagen and what was your highlight?
Teo: Copenhagen was a wonderful city to begin with. But the reason we visited Copenhagen was what made this journey so special to us. I cherish this experience I had in Eurovision and I think that it gave a lot to my artistry. So many artists form around the world, so many different cultures and music I think made every artist more than happy to be around. The fans were so overwelming there, everyone was so kind, the vibe was unforgetable. These 14 days were one in a lifetime

After Freaky Fortune you were working on other projects. Some weeks ago you released the first single “Me N Myself” as producer from RadioAct. Tell us something more about this project..
Teo: To begin with, I have to say that I am a big fan of rock/metal music. So when the guys from RadioAct approached me and asked for a collaboration I didn't have second thoughts. We started working and experimenting in the studio right away, and we were all really excited about the result! “Me n Myself” is RadioAct's debut single. It's a trully emotional song with deeply meaningfull lyrics. When I heard the demo of the song with just an acoustic guitar and vocals I immediately said, that's our first single! There are many more to come and I assure you if you loved “Me n Myself” you won't be dissapointed.

Who are the guys of RadioAct?
Teo: RadioAct is a 5 member band. Giannis Chatzigeorgiou is the lead vocalist, George Kaikou on the guitar,Nikos Athanasiadis is the bassist, Kostas Stefanidis is our crazy drummer and last but not least, Duke who does all the rap parts and thus combining rock with more commercial hip hop elements.

This Friday will be the official Release-Party for “Me N Myself”. What exactly is planed? 
Teo: This Friday is our big night! We promise to all the fans who will be there to have the time of their lives. The boys have prepared a very uplifting and energetic setlist, and they'll perform live, besides “Me n Myself” of course, many other unreleased ongs of theirs and some covers as well. After the live show we hope that there will be time to meet with the fans and party a lot! :-)
Join us for the Release-Party and find all important details here:

Are you working on a complete album? If yes, when will it be out?
Teo: With RadioAct we are working on a complete album. There are many ideas and we love to break the boundaries of rock as most people know it. We spend a lot of time in the studio experimenting and trying to form a solid sound. There are many songs that are already in a really final form and also many many others that need some work. Unfortunatelly I don't know, I can't even make a guess on the release date of the album. We are perfectionists and when we feel that the album is ready then we'll be making anouncements. But it will deffinitely worth to wait.
What was the reason to decide focusing producing music besides performing as an artist?
Teo: I like both - producing and performing. But to be honest I'm inclining more towards producing. It is something that I can't quite explain in words. Its about ones nature I think. Like some people love to sing or love to draw... I find myself being more creative in the studio than when I'm on stage. When I'm in my studio I have allt he time I need. I'm by myself, more concentrated and maybe more free.
Do you still follow Eurovision?
Teo: I watch every year's ESC. Maybe I dont get to listen to all the songs on youtube first but I'm watching live the show for sure. It's something that I never miss.
Greece has chosen to send the band Argo with the song “Utopian Land” to Eurovision 2016”. What do you think of this entry and about the chances in Stockholm? 
Teo: "Utopian Land" has some strong ethnic elements, and I think that this is the song's big plus. The lyrics talk about migration which is something that concerns Greece this time. However, although the overall meaning of the song is clear and strong I think that some  lyrics and the chorus melody needed some more effort. It occurs to me that in some points it is more about “having fun” than facing the real issue. I'm not saying it's  a bad song. I just think it needed more careful thinking and maybe some changes in the arrangement. I hope though it goes well on eurovision because besides those minor issues in the song I always support my country and wish for a really good place in the finals!
Would you return to Eurovisision some day?
Teo: I would love to return to Eurovision but as a producer this time, or as a songwitter.

Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans? 
Teo: Eurovision fans are the most devoted fans in the world. They love Eurovision and support all the artists. That's hard to find, and I think that makes Eurovision even more special for it's fans. I hope as always that you enjoy this year's Eurovision and for those who will travel to Stockholm to enjoy and party yourself out as much as you can. I think Sweden this year will make Eurovision even more magical!
Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for RadioAct and “Me N Myself”!  

Support Teo Buzz and his new project RadioAct. Listen to the debut single "Me n Myself" from RadioAct on Spotify: 

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