Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Croatia: Nina Kraljic premiered "Lighthouse"

On 24th February 2016 confirmed Croatian broadcaster HRT that Nina Kraljic will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. Nina Kraljic premiered today her Eurovision entry "Lighthouse":

Ninal Kraljic - "Lighthouse" (Official Audio)

"Lighthouse" is written by Andreas Grass and Nikola Paryla. Thorsten Brötzmann procuced the song in Germany.
"It has been an exceptional honour for me to work with such a talented and experienced team. The song has a brilliant message of hope, which, without looking at all the mischiefs in life, is always present and shining. When I was thinking about to whom and what I would dedicate my song, I remembered some of my friends who work on a ship and only return home after six months or a year, and their stories: of homesickness and the sudden feeling of anxiety, of upcoming adventures, of which the seas hold infinitely many yet unexplored ones. Likewise the song has deeply reminded us of the refugees who are looking for a home overseas, and of the tragic situations they are faced with." said Nina. 
"The voice of Nina Kraljić touched me already at the very first listen, and even more so during the studio recording of the song Lighthouse. Her performance has given the song a wholly new dimension. I think we have created something extraordinary, something magic", added Thorsten Brötzmann, who produced the song.
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Nina Kraljić will represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She will participate in the first half of the first Semi-Final on 10th May 2016 in Stockholm.

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