Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi - "Dona" (Official Video)

Macedonian superstar Kaliopi already represented her country 2012 in Baku with her song "Crno I Belo". MKRTV, Macedonian broadcaster, has chosen Kaliopi again to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with her song "Dona". The song is written by Kaliopi and composed by Romeo Grill. Kaliopi presented yesterday the official video of her Eurovision entry "Dona".

Kaliopi - "Dona" (Official Video)

"When I heard the powerful melody that Romeo Grill had composed, I was swept away and knew that I had to write lyrics to breathe even more life into our song. When we recorded Dona we knew we had a special song. And great songs like this are usually used to bring important messages to everyone. Dona is the essence of the song. Dona that cares for us, Dona that gives us strength, and Dona that unites us. And what's most important for each one of us is that at some place at a certain time in our lives there was and always will be one Dona! My heart and voice through my song wants millions of diverse people across Europe to #ComeTogether" said Kaliopi
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Kaliopi is honored to represent FYR Macedonia again this year at the  Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She will participate with "Dona" in the first half of the second Semi-Final in Stockholm. Will she qualify again to the Eurovision final? Stay tuned...

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