Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Malta: Ira Losco presents "Walk On Water" on 17th March 2016!

Ira Losco (© Joy Edwards)
On 23rd January 2016 won Ira Losco the Maltese national final of "MESC 2016" with her song "Chameleon". Shortly after her victory it was confirmed that her song isn't final set for Stockholm.

PBS, Maltese broadcaster, confirmed yesteday that Ira will sing "Walk On Water" in Stockholm. Earlier it was confirmed that there are ten songs in the run, one of them was "Chameleon", to get the ticket for ESC 2016.

"Walk On Water" was chosen in February and March with a national and international Jury from 13 European countries, together with a panel of Maltese music experts.

Ira already shot last week the video for her Eurovision entry "Walk On Water" on different places in Malta. The song will be presented for the first time on 17th March 2016 as part of TVM's evening news starting at 8 pm (cet). Ira will present the song on 18th March 2016 in the TV show Xarabank to the audience.

Read the official announcement from PBS here.

In the meantime, watch again her winning song from the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016...

Support Ira Losco and her music. Listen to her latest album "Fire" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

For other possibilities check the stores in your country.

Ira Losco is honored to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She will participate with "Walk On Water" in the second half of the first Semi-Final on 10th May 2016.

Find out more about Ira Losco and follw her:

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