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Lithuania: Exclusive! Interview with Erica Jennings "In 'Leading Me Home' I really mean what I say and I hope that people feel the sincerity"

Erica Jennings is one of the finalists for "Eurovizija 2016" with her song "Leading Me Home". She will participate on Saturday, 12th March 2016, in the Lithuanian national final of "Eurovizija 2016".

We talked to Erica Jennings some days ago about her participation in the Lithuanian national selection "Euzrovizija 2016". Read our interview with her below to find out what she had to say...

Hello Erica, first of all gratulations! After a lot of pre-rounds in the last weeks you are now one of the finalists from the Lithuanian national selection "Eurovizija 2016".   

How does it feel to be chosen by the audience to be part of the national final of "Eurovizija 2016” with your song "Leading Me Home"?
Erica: It's amazing and I can't wait to perform "Leading Me Home" again in the Lithuanian final :) 
What is the message of “Leading Me Home”?
Erica: “Leading Me Home” is about rebirth, facing one’s fears, overcoming all odds and finding your true self. Therefore, it’s a beautiful play on the song, that the video deals with the idea of defeating death, whether that death is physical or emotional, through love and light and finding inner peace, something we all need in this day and age.
You already participated 2001 in Eurovision with the band SKAMP. Have you sometime thought about to return to Eurovision someday?
Erica: I always said if I would return to Eurovision, only if I have the right song. Now, with “Leading Me Home” I know that it’s the right song to return to Eurovision :-) In the years I thought once or twice that I could have a good song for participating again, but the process of the Lithuanian national selection was a bit complicate. All the people singing songs, all the people singing your song and in the end you go with a other song or your song goes without you.. That's why I decided that I don’t wanna be a part of that kind of game. Well, as I wrote “Leading Me Home” Eurovision came in my mind and so – here I am :-)
What would you mention about the changes in Eurovision since you participated?
Erica: Eurovision has absolutely changed since a participated. It’s so much bigger than in 2001, as I participated with SKAMP and the song "You Got Style".
It also has not only public vote, jury vote as well. Now there are two Semi-Finals till you know the final line-up.  It’s nice to have a lot more inclusion. It’s much more diversity and I like that :-)
You husband Jurgis Didžiulis also participated in Eurovision 2010 with his band “InCulto” with the song “Eastern European Funk”. Is it a family business to participate in Eurovision time by time?
Erica: Haha.. Yes, that’s a fun fact that my husband Jurgis Didžiulis took part in Eurovision 2010 with his band InCulto and their brilliant song “Eastern European Funk”.  
But no, it’s not a family business taking part in Eurovision :-)
Some weeks ago you celebrated your 9th wedding anniversary in Columbia. You husband and your two sons made a touching video of your song “Leading Me Home” in the pool. Let us know more about the special connection between both of you..
Erica: My husband and I are together for many years. He knows what I really appreciate and I know what he likes. So he came up with the brilliant idea with the live video of “Leading Me Home”. He and the kids put it together with the pool and the candles. This was truly a anniversary present I will never forget. :))) You all should have seen this intimate version of my song “Leading Me Home”.
You also recorded a official video for “Leading Me Home”. Where have you record it?
Erica: We recorded the official video for  "Leading Me Home” in Lithuania. On the recording days it was extremely cold.. But it was well worth it, we got some amazing shots  :) The video, written and directed by Laurynas Valkiūnas and Klementas Davidavičius, is based on the poignant greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.
You are Irish, so have you already tried to participate for Eurovision for Ireland?
Erica: Yes, I’m very Irish :)  My parents are from Ireland and I was born there. But I lived my half life in Lithuania, I left Ireland as I was twelve. That’s the main reason why I have not gone to represent Ireland in Eurovision. My life and my home is in Lithuania with my family. Home is where your heart is  :)
Lithuania and Ireland are participating in the same Semi-Final. In case you will win Lithuanian national final you could could Irish people to support you as well.. 
Erica: Yes that’s true. I’m not hoping that Irish people voting for me because I’m Irish, I want that the people vote for me because they like my song “Leading Me Home”
What is the power of Eurovision? Why is it important to perform in this Song Contest?
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Erica: Eurovision is a legendary song contest. I remember growing up and watching it all the years. The biggest impacts for me is the early Eurovision, when there was a full orchestra. Now it’s much bigger and takes much more countries. It’s a big contest and to be part of it is really cool. Besides that it’s a platform where you can bring your music to more people as an artist or as a songwriter. That’s the main thing what every artist and songwriter wants - to bring your songs and music to as many people as possible. With my song “Leading Me Home” I hope that people feel the sincerity. I really mean what I’m saying. 
Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in the Lithuanian national final and maybe we see us in Stockholm! 

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