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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Exclusive! Interview with Ana Rucner "We are all alike, we all live love and we want to have a better tomorrow"

Ana Rucner (© Sime Eskinja)
Ana Rucner was chosen internally to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina together with Dalal, Deen and Jala at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song "Ljubav Je".

We talked to Ana Rucner some days ago about her participation in Eurovision 2016. Read our interview below to find out what she had to say..

(© Ivan Micij)
Hello Ana, first of all congratulations that you were chosen internally together with Dalal, Deen and Jala to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

How does it feel to represent your country with “Ljubav Je”?
Ana: Actually, I am a guest in B&H team, I come from Croatia. I am very honoured to be part of great team and have the chance to play in such a beautiful song as: “Ljubav Je" (engl. "Love Is All").

Who had the idea for this Eurovision project and what was your first thought as you were asked to collaborate with Dalal, Deen and Jala?
Ana: Originally, author of the song wrote “Ljubav Je” for Dalal’s new album, but Dalal invited her old friend Deen to participate. They wanted something unusual and different so they also invited Jala, who is well known Bosnian rapper. In the end they realized that cello would perfectly fit so they called me to join the team.

What is the message of "Ljubav Je"?
Ana: The song “Ljubav Je” promotes above all pure, passionate love. It is interesting that we present two aspects of love. While Dalal and Deen sing about gentle love, Jala and myself, we “talk” about passionate and strong aspects of love.
You are from Croatia. What is your motiviation representing a other country in the contest?
Ana: New challenges can always motivate me, and this project is actually something completely different from my usual concerts. I do not mind playing for other country. I have often concerts in Bosnia & Herzegovina and I really love their audience. Deen and myself are friends for many years, the entire team is very professional and the song is great, enough to be motivated.

A lot of countries change their songs and sing in English. “Ljubav Je” is chosen to sing in home language – why is that so important for you?
Ana: Actually for my part it is the same as I am playing not singing, and my cello does not have language limits. I think our producer chose Bosnian version because if you sing at your own language you can be more authentic, and better express feelings.

…but you also recorded a English version, right?
Ana: Yes, and the English version’s name is “Love Is All"

Whan have you started working as a cellist?
Ana: Actually I do not consider cello and music as my work but as my life, passion and ultimate love. At the age of 7 I started my music education and started to play at concerts at very early age. Actually I graduated from Music Academy and I am professional musician. This year it will be the 15th anniversary of my career.
What are your expectations for Stockholm, are you excited?
Ana: I am very excited and curious to find out what is happening behind the scene. We hope for the best, and will give our best performance on the stage.

How would you describe the mix of people and music styles in your Eurovision project?
Ana: The mixture is our competitive advantage, as our producer and author of the song “connected” the impossible. But in the same time we are going to be completely different, but let me keep some details as a secret ;)

How do you prepare yourself for the Eurovision performance?
Ana: Few moments of peace and quiet are more than enough, have no special desires or rituals.

Deen already represented Bosnia & Herzegovina 2004 with “In The Disco”. Did he gave you any advices?
Ana: Actually we have preparations together and his advises are very useful. We will be genuine, sincere and express our emotions through our beautiful song.

Last week you’ve been special guests in Montenegro during the song presentation of Highway’s entry “The Real Thing”. Can you tell us something about this experience to be part of the show and how was it to met them?
Ana: The Montenegro teamHighway is also great, and we had a lot of fun while performing there and no doubt we will support each other.

You are already confirmed to be part of the Eurovision Pre-Party in Riga and the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam in April. Are you excited to meet a lot of the other contestants there? 
Ana: Of course, it is a good opportunity for us to introduce our entry to the international public and we really hope they will like it. And we are sure to meet a lot of friendly people there, including other contestants.

Is it planed to continue the collaboration with Dalal, Deen and Jala?
Ana: Now we are focused on Eurovision Song Contest and our song, but there is always possibility to continue cooperation, depending on their plans as well, I am always open to new interesting projects.

Are you a Eurovision fan?
Ana: Of course, I try, if I am not away on some tour or concert abroad, to watch final contest, and really long tradition of Eurovision Song Contest is more than impressive.

Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what is your favorite from your home country?
Ana: The favourite one from my home country Croatia is the winning song of the Croatian group Riva, but I am sure you will also agree that ABBA is evergreen classic ;))
What is your first Eurovision memory?
Ana: I remember I was a little girl, curious to explore the World, and I was fascinated with great stage, so many lights and so many singers with beautiful voices, and my mum told me it was Eurovision Song Contest.

What are your plans for 2016 besides the Eurovision participation, are you working on a album?
Ana: I recorded a new song which should be launched soon. Also I am preparing a humanitarian concert tour, this summer the most beautiful town in Croatia, Dubrovnik, will be for the 6th time the host of my Festival: “Ana in the City”. On the first day of summer, June 21, I will play together with one great young musician on the top of mountain Srđ, welcome summer and celebrate the World’ day of Music.
What was the most excited moment in your life?
Ana: Birth of my son, and awareness that I am capable to give life to another human being.

If people outside Bosnia & Herzegovina and or Croatia never heared about you before – what should they know about you?
Ana: I am professional musician, cellist, graduated from Music Academy. Till now I won 27 local and international awards for different pieces, and I am 33 yrs old. You can describe my music as crossover, but I am also playing tradicional classical music. I adore my country Croatia and where ever I go take opportunity to introduce natural and cultural beauties of my country Worldwide.

What makes “Ljubav Je” different and why should Europe vote for your song?
Ana: Our song "Ljubav Je" is different because we really live love, it is our motivator and life force. The four of us are completely different, with different music styles but we perfectly match and perfectly compatible in this song. We promote 2 aspects of love gentle love and strong, passionate love someone is ready to die for. All of us have about 15 years of music experience, all together we won about 150 awards and we are authentic as we adore music, singing and playing.

Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans?
Ana: About us – Our Dalal with her sparkly angelic smile, always very careful and loyal friend with angelic voice, our Deen, and my new friend Jala Brat – so strong but full of love deep inside in his heart. We are quartet coming to convey love in the very sincere way to the Europe. Music is our World, our way to communicate. We are all alike, we all live love and we want to have a better tomorrow !

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for “Ljubav Je” at the Eurovision Song Contest and see you soon in Stockholm!

Dalal & Deean feat. Ana Rucner and Jala are honored to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Sweden. They will participate with "Ljubav Je" in the second half of the first Semi-Final on 10th May 2016.

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