Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Switzerland: "Die Entscheidungsshow 2017" - Running order

The Swiss national final of "Die Entscheidungsshow 2017" takes place on 5th Februar 2017 in Zürich. The show will be hosted by Sven Epeny. Sebalter, who represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with "Hunter Of Stars" (#13) will perform his new single "Weeping Willow" from his forthcoming album "Awakening".

"Die Entscheidungsshow 2017" - Running order

  1. Nadya - "The Fire In The Sky"
  2. Ginta Biku - "Cet Air La"
  3. Michèle - "Two Faces"
  4. Freschta - "Gold"
  5. Shana Pearson - "Exodus"
  6. Timebelle - "Apollo"
Watch the videos from the live check here

"Die Entscheidungsshow":

  • 05.02.2017 - National Final (Facebook)
Rykka won "Die Entscheidungsshow 2016" and represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with the song "The Last Of Our Kind", but she failed to qualify to the Eurovision final. Some weeks ago released the Canadian singer Rykka her new album "Beatitudes".

The winner of "Die Entscheidungsshow 2017" will be honoured to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. Who will participate in one of the semi-finals on 9th or 11th May 2017 in Ukraine? Stay tuned... 

Read more about "Die Entscheidungsshow" here:

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