Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Album: Listen to "This Is What We Are" from Sinplus

Sinplus - "This Is What We Are" (Released: 20.01.2017)
Sinplus are the brothers Ivan and Gabriel. They represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku with "Unbreakable". After "Disinformation" (2012) and "Up To Me" (2014) Sinplus are now back with the third studio album called "This Is What We Are".
"„This Is What We Are“ is a modern day soundtrack to unadulurated optimism, self-produced and written by ourself, with all the colours in the rainbow to testify. It’s music to let yourself go to, in the best of all possible meanings, music to connect to and music to celebrate life with, no matter if you’re alone, with the love of your life or with a host of random strangers who just might be the friends you just didn’t get to know yet." said the band about the new album. 

"This Is What We Are"

  1. Capisci (One Love) 03:40
  2. ExplicitWTF 02:48
  3. Y&I (feat. Mickey Shiloh) 03:39
  4. Dreamers 03:17
  5. Feel Love 03:26
  6. This Is What We Are 03:24
  7. Crazy Life (Remix Van Gabri) 03:23
  8. Kiss the Sky (feat. Dwizzy) 03:24
  9. In Aria 03:10
  10. One and the Same 04:11

Sinplus - "Capisci (One Love)" 
(Official Video)

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