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Finland: Exclusive! Interview with Alva "'Arrows' has a international sound, is radio friendly and easy to relate to"

Alva is one of the finalists for "UMK 2017" with her song "Arrows". She will participate in the Finnish national final of "UMK 2017" on 28th January 2017.

We talked to Alva some days ago about her participation in the Finnish national selection "UMK 2017". Read our interview with her below to find out what she had to say...
Hello Alva, first of all gratulations that you are one of the qualified participants for the Finish national selection “UMK 2017”.

How does it feel to be part of national selection with the song "Arrows"?
Alva: I'm very happy and thrilled! However it goes this will always remain a good memory.
Who had the idea that you could participate in the Finish national selection and who decided "Arrows"?
Alva: The producer Arto Ruotsala found my youtube channel and wrote to me that he had a song for me that he would like to send to the UMK.  I fell in love with this song since it was really my type of song with the international sound, memorable lyrics and great melody.
What is the message of "Arrows"?
Alva: For me it stands for uncertainty and to not be sure where a relationship is going. It´s about showing ones feelings in a subtle way and giving hints, but not being sure how the crush will take it.
Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career? 
Alva: I have always liked singing and have performed at different types of events. Music has always been an interest in my family, so it has come naturally. 
Last spring I wrote a song called "A Grand Illusion" together with sister Linn and the radio stations started playing it and people seemed to like it! I would say that´s my greatest achievement so far.
What are you expecting in the national selection “UMK 2017”, are you excited?
Alva: Yes, I'm very excited! I've learned much during this journey so far and I hope this is a start for something more.  I'm enjoying it!
How do you prepare yourself for the show? 
Alva: I drink a lot of tea and ginger. It's acually pretty good ;) Also, I try not to catch the cold.
Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what are your all time favorites from Finnish entries?
Alva: My favorite Eurovision song of all time must be "Euphoria" by Loreen. I like it very much and I think she showed something new!
What is your first Eurovision memory?
Alva: When Lordi won Eurovision Song Contest with "Hard Rock Hallelujah". I was 6 years at the time.
What kind of music do you like personally?
Alva: I love pop! I look up to Zara Larsson, she has a very interesting and beautiful sound!
Who is Alva as private persons?
Alva: I have kind of much energy and positive. I´m also temperamental and stubborn. I need to have much going on. I hate boredom.
What are your plans for 2017 besides Melodifestivalen, are you working on a album?
Alva: I'm not working on an album but I would really like to do that! But we have some interesting plans going on...
What was the most excited moment in your life? 
Alva: My most excited moment in my life has to be when I heard that I was selected to UMK.
What are your wishes for the future? 
Alva: To be able to work with music and perform.
If people outside Finland never heared about you before – what should they know about you?
Alva: I'm Alva and 16 years old. I'm a Swedish speaking Finn from Ostrobothnia in Western Finland. I released my first single in May 2016 called A Grand Illusion. I love to work with other people to come up with new music. Pop is my genre and I hope people will relate to our music.
Why should the Finnish audience vote for your song to represent Finland at Eurovision 2017? 
Alva: "Arrows" is a very beautiful song but is also good to dance to! It has a international sound, radio-friendly and easy to relate to. I hope the performance will convince the audience that this is the one!
Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans? 
Alva: Take care and spread the love! You are welcome to visit me at Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter at anytime. Let me know what you would like to see on my channel, or if you have questions you would like me to answer.
Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in UMK 2017 and maybe we see us in Kyiv! 

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