Friday, February 17, 2017

Slovenia: Exclusive! Interview with BQL "Our song follows a popular trend of pop music nowadays, so any listener can find it familiar and catchy"

BQL are one of the competing contestants for the Slovenian national selection of "EMA 2017". They will compete in the second semi-final on 18th February 2017 with the song "Heart Of Gold". Listen to a snippet of the song here..

A few days ago we spoke to BQL about their participation in the Slovenian national selection. Read our interview with them below to find out what they hat to say...
Hey guys, first of all gratulations that you are one of the qualified participants for the Slovenian national selection “EMA 2017”.  

How does it feel to be part of national selection and who had the idea for the participation?
BQL: We’re truly honored to be one of the 16 artists who may represent Slovenia on the ESC. When we were recording our song, we all came to an agreement that it would do well on EMA or ESC, so we decided to give it a shot.
If people outside Slovenia never heared about you before – what should they know about you?
BQL: We’re brothers, who love music more than anything else. At first we had our own “careers” as musicians but we found out we had common goals and tastes, so last year we decided to form a duo called BQL. 
Your song isn’t known yet – can you tell us something about the style and the message of the song?
BQL: The song is called "Heart Of Gold" and follows a popular trend of pop music nowadays, so any listener can find it familiar and catchy. It’s about heartache, a theme well known by music lovers anywhere.

What are you expecting in the national selection “EMA 2017”, are you excited?
BQL: We seriously couldn’t be more excited, we hope people love our song as much as we do! We’re expecting a lot of fun and new experiences.
How do you prepare yourself for the show? 
BQL: Right now we’re trying to get the song “encoded in our brains”, so that the performance will be a thing of routine. ☺
Are you Eurovision fans and was it always a dream of you to be part of it? 
BQL: It’s always been a family tradition to watch ESC together. We always thought it was a goal that’s waaay too far away for us to achieve. 
Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what are your all time favorites from Slovenian entries?
BQL: Our favourite song from Eurovision was Molitva. The best Slovenian entry was "Here for you" from Maraaya in our opinion ☺
What are your first Eurovision memories?
BQL: Like we said, it was a family tradition to watch it together and have good time. We remember that the most.
What are your plans for 2017 besides EMA, are you working on a album?
BQL: We’re working on a few singles, right now there’s not an album release date (yet ☺).
Why should the Slovenian audience vote for you to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2017? 
BQL: We promise to not let anyone down. We have a goal to stay down to earth, but still push the boundaries for Slovenian music.
Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans? 
BQL: Set your goals higher than you ever have but still stay humble and grateful for what you have! Love ya! ☺ Cheers.
Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in the EMA 2017 and maybe we see us in Kyiv! 

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