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ROMANIA: Exclusive! Interview with Mihai Trăistariu "My Eurovision 2014 song is 'I'm Sorry'"

Mihai Trăistariu is Romanian singer and represented his country in 2006 with the song 'Tornero'. That song was very sucessful and reached with 163 points the 4th place. This year there are rumors about that he wants to represent Romania in the contest again. We had the chance to talk with Mihai - read what he had to say..

You represented Romania in 2006 on Eurovision Song Contest in Athens with your song ‘Tornero’. What do you feel if you look back in the years?
Mihai: To join Eurovision that year it was the best decision in my life. Actually, from that moment … al my life changed and my career started the international way of success!

Who had the idea that you could represent your country in Eurovision? 
Mihai: Me! Only me! I was obsessed about it! I’m a huge fan of Eurovision since my childwood! I knew that, representing my country there … it could be possible to start an international career. And it happened.

Your song was very popular in 2006 and reached in the final 4th place with 172 points. What has changed in your life after your participation in Eurovision?
Mihai: I traveled a lot! Since then … I visited more than 25 countries. I had to prepare a new concert schedule, English words for my live shows etc. Now I have, also, some international fanclubs... so I’m really enjoying that! I’m feeling like an international STAR! Look … in 2 months I have to sing in Slovenia… For Slovenians… It’s for the second time I sing there …

What happened as you came back to Romania?
Mihai: I felt … like I revenge … Romanian newspapers NEVER thought that I can do such a good result! Actually … neither Romanian Eurovision Fans believed in me! They were very … malicious with me. I felt totally unhappy when I went to Greece … but TOTALLY HAPPY AND SATISFIED when I came back to Romania! I FUCKED THEM!!!

What was the funniest moment in Athens?
Mihai: When I always heard Dima Bilan, in the hallways, trying to sing my highest notes from the song  “ Tornero “ ( those … hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi ) … Sometimes he can sing it … :)

How was the contact to the other participants and are you still in contact with one of them?
Mihai: We had no contact. I only watched them work on the net.

In the Eurovision 2014 season there are rumours about that you are thinking about to take part in Eurovision this year again. What can you tell us about it? Will you be in the national selection from Romania?
Mihai: These days. I’ll decide whether I’ll join Eurovision or not. It depends on many factors. The song is called 'I'm Sorry'. Yesterday I released a sample from that song on my youtube channel..

In which language will you sing 'I'm Sorry'?
Mihai: The main language is … English. But we’ll try to have other versions, too ; Spanish, Italian, French etc.

Are you a Eurovision fan and what’s are you favorite Eurovision songs?
Mihai: YAAAAA ! Balads are my favourites … And the BIG VOICES!

What is your favorite entry from your country? 
Mihai: Malina Olinescu – 'Eu cred'. She represented Romania in 1998.

Can you tell us something about your person in private?
Mihai: I’m a simple man. I love simple people. I use to talk to almost every kind of person I met. I hate haters and … I love animals ! One of my biggest dream is to build an ANIMAL PARADISE. I ‘ve already started … :)

What is the difference between Mihai in public and Mihai in private?
Mihai: I’m one of the few artist in my country who don’t pretend to be … someone else. I’m down to earth. I LOVE to go to market, to see people staring at me, making me photos bla bla bla. I have a lot of friends…

What are your plans in music for 2014?
Mihai: New album, 2 new singles, a national tour…

What was the most excited moment in your life?
Mihai: Meeting a fan is the most exited moment in my life. I love his reaction when he ( she ) sees me … I love to feel the shake of their soul … :)

What are your wishes for the future?
Mihai: A happy family, a huge career, a lot of friends… and little troubles… ;)

Is there something what you would like to say to ‘Join Us on Eurovision’ readers and your fans?
Mihai: I’ll promise … I’ll be back ! TORNERO in Italian words means … I’ll be back … 

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for the National Selection! Maybe we see us in Copenhagen!

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