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LATVIA: Exclusive! Interview with Markus Riva 'I would love to work with Loreen'

Markus Riva is a latvian DJ, model, producer, songwriter and singer. In this years edition of 'Dziesma 2014' he is one of the participants who reached to the national final.

The final of 'Dziesma 2014' will be on Saturday, 22nd of February. Markus will perform his song 'Lights On'. We had the chance to talk to Markus - read below what he had to say...

Hello Markus, first of all gratulations that you are one of the participants which got a ticket to the national final ‘Dziesma 2014’ on Saturday 22nd of February. 

How does it feel to be one of the finalists with your song ‘Lights On’? 
Markus: Thank you! It feels really delightful and I am very uplifted. Of course, we need to work even harder now and upgrade our show and performance to sound and look better and fight for the ticket to Denmark!

Who had the idea that you could take part in ‘Dziesma 2014’? 
Markus: The idea came from Gaitis Lazdans, who is the author of the song alongside with me. We had this demo already done in last May and then we decided to change it a bit and make it shorter and submit for the National contest. So it was all organic and we did not wrote the song with a thought just to be in Eurovision. It all came very natural. And we are happy that it went already so far!

Can you tell us something about the story behind ‘Lights On’ and why it was chosen to sing it in english?
Markus: I like to express myself better in English. I love Latvian but the market is so small here so I always like to be more international-oriented. I have worked with Gaitis Lazdans already before with songs “How it feels to be a man” and “We dance for reason” ft. Ralfs Eilands.

You are a all-rounder. You are a singer, songwriter, producer, model, DJ, actor… What do you like most and why?
Markus: I love show business, I love stage! So I don’t limit myself in a box. I love to express myself through the art and performance art so basically it all is going around one word – stage. I am into music and arts since I was born. I can not imagine myself doing something else.

In 2006 and 2007 you participated in WEST SIDE STORY and in 2008 in LES MISERABLE. Can you tell us something about your experience?
Markus: That was a very nice time. And very good experience. I love musicals and I was honored to be a part of this wonderful cast and production of both shows. It was a good school and during that period I met really good friends.

Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career? 
Markus: I started as Markus Riva almost 8 years ago but as I mentioned, I am into arts already since my birth. I studied classical music and then went more into pop culture. And now I write my songs, produce them, perform and inspire people.

What are you expecting in the final of ‘Dziesma’ in next weekend, are you excited?

Markus: I am really excited! This is a big contest and huge chance so I will do all my best and rehearse even harder to be perfect with everything! We have a wonderful team and we all are very excited! We involved fashion designer Tom Rebl, Spanish DJ Sak Noel is supporting us, it all comes together very well!

Are you a Eurovision fan? 
Markus: Well, I could say yes. It is fun! I wrote songs for Eurovision before and every year I watch and listen the songs. And the production is always a must-see – technically impressive TV-show.

Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what is your favorite from Latvian participants?
Markus: My favorite Latvian participant is Yana Kay, she was in big Eurovision with group FLY in 2003 and she is such a good person and talented lady. From big contest I still love “Euphoria”. That is a classic!

There are any artists with whom you would like to work?
Markus: I would love to work with Loreen. She is outstanding and so unique. I love her songs and concept.

Which kind of music do you hear in private?
Markus: I love classical music. But since I am a DJ, them I listen lot of EDM, house music, deep house to prepare for my DJ sets. But since I work for radio station as well, then I listen a lot of top 40.

Can you tell us something about Markus Riva in private?
Markus: Well, you can hear a lot of my privacy in my songs. I write songs based on my feelings, my experience.

What makes you happy?

Markus: I got happy when I see people in the club dancing and enjoying my DJ set and music, and when I am performing. That is pure happiness!

What makes a day for you perfect?
Markus: Peanut Butter and coffee with milk. That wakes me up every morning! And makes my day perfect!

What is the difference between Markus in public and Markus in private?
Markus: Markus in private is Miķelis (my real, parents-given name). But there is not a big difference. I am pretty the same person in public and private.

What are your plans in music for 2014?
Markus: Currently I am working on my 3rd music album that is in process. I love songwriting and working in the studio. And I feel so good about the new material that is going to be more adult pop.

What was the most excited moment in your life? 
Markus: My most excited moment in my life was school years. I would love to get back there and enjoy it even more and study even harder.

What are your wishes for the future? 
Markus: I hope to continue doing things that I do now and just go further and further with my work.

Why should Latvian audience vote for you to represent Latvia at Eurovion 2014? 
Markus: Our song is very bright, energetic, easy to listen and easy to remember. And our image with the sound fits really well in the big Eurovision. We have a good message for everyone and we want finally Latvia in the TOP 10!

Do you have a message for ‘Join Us on Eurovision’ readers and your fans? 
Markus: Thank you everyone for supporting. Be a fire, be a fighter, turn the lights on and start to live this life right now! Fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in ‘Dziesma’ and maybe we see us in Copenhagen! 
Markus: Thank you so much! It is my pleasure! Hopefully we meet in Copenhagen! :)

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