Saturday, February 8, 2014

MALTA: Tonight! National Final

Malta has chosen yesterday in the Semi-Final 14 finalists.

Here are the finalists in their starting order:

  1. Lovetricity - CHRISTABELLE
  2. Some Kind Of Wonderful - WAYNE WILLIAM
  3. Brand New Day - DAVINIA
  4. City Lady - RYAN PAUL ABELA
  5. Love Will Take Me Home - FRANKLIN
  6. One Last Ride - DANIEL TESTA
  7. Let The Sunshine In - SOPHIE DEBATTISTA
  8. Oblivion - CHRIS GRECH
  9. Until We Meet Again - DEBORAH C
  10. Hypnotica - JESSIKA
  11. Take Me - PAMELA
  12. Coming Home - FIRELIGHT
  13. Because I have You - AMBER
  14. Pin The Middle - DeBee

Maria Yaremchuk from Ukraine surprised with a new version from her Eurovision song 'Tick Tock'.

Hosts for the show are Gianluca Bezzina (Represented Malta in 2013 with 'Tomorrow'), Ira Losco and Moira Delia.

Gianluca and Ira sung a duet together. Watch the video from 'Let Her Go'.

If you missed the show yesterday, you have the chance to see the stage performances on youtube and a picture gallery:

Last years Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest will be special guest and premier her Eurovision theme song called 'Rainmaker' tonight. 'Entscheidungsshow' Winner SEBalter from Switzerland will perform his Eurovision song 'Hunter Of Stars'.

Watch the National Final LIVE here:

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