Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eurovision 2014: Emmelie de Forest premiered 'Rainmaker'!

Emmelie de Forest is chosen to sing the official Eurovision theme song this year in Copenhagen. Last year she won in Malmö the Eurovision Song Contest with her song 'Only Teardrops'. Emmelie will sing the song on stage with all this years participants in Copenhagen. 

”All the finalists will come in and sing-a-long to the chorus at the end”, explains Jan Lagermand Lundme. ”I hope the viewers will sit back with a feeling that it is a fantastic way to come together, just before we get down to the nitty-gritty: finding the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song contest”.

TVM announced that Emmelie will perform 'Rainmaker' for the very first time at the final 'MESC 2014'.

Watch the video from Emmelie and hear what she has to say about 'Rainmaker' and get some exclusive impressions about the song:

Yesterday at the 'Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC)' final she premiered her new single 'Rainmaker'. 

Emmelie talked to about her performance from yesterday's 'Rainmaker': had the chance to talk to Emmelie yesterday in Malta. Watch the video and hear what she had to say about 'Rainmaker':

The official release date from 'Rainmaker' will be February 24nd.

Get more informations about Emmelie de Forest and follow her:

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