Sunday, February 16, 2014

HUNGARY: Tonight! 4 artist send forward to the national final, 4 to find

Yesterday the national Jury and the public send forward 4 artist to the grand national final on the 22nd of February. These artists are:

Straight to the final (chosen by jury)

Chosen by the audience to the final:

But which songs will join them? 4 spots are left. Tonight these 9 artists will compete:
(some links with introducing the artist by themselves in Hungarian languages)
As yesterday, two songs will be picked by the national jury and two songs by... YOU! There will be again a worldwide open public vote.

If you want to vote for your favorite send a text messages to +36204422999 or +36304422999 or +36704422999 with the number of the song. Please wait with voting until the first recap of the seven remaining songs up for public vote is aired.

You can send up to 20 votes from one number, and you will not recieve a response from the Hungarian television as this is a normal service in Hungary .

For charges please visit your telephone company’s website, as charges may vary from country to country.

So stay tuned to find out which songs will be still be in the race to send to Copenhagen by Hungary. It my be one of these songs to follow Emilie de Forest in ESC history. What do you say?


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