Monday, February 10, 2014

GERMANY: NDR announced 10 acts for the 'Clubconcert'

German broadcaster NDR announced today the 10 acts for the 'Cluboncert' on February 27th in Hamburg. 2.240 young talents shared their music and videos on the youtube channel from 'Unser Song für Dänemark' to get the chance to sing in front of the audience in Hamburg to get the 'Wildcard' to the National Final on March 13th in Cologne.

These are the already known finalists:
Some song snippets you can find here:

NDR announced those lucky winners for the live 'Clubconcert' in Hamburg:

Ambre Vallet (© Brainpool / Privat)

Bartosz (© Brainpool / Privat)

Caroline Rose (© Brainpool,Privat)

Elaiza (© Ben Wolf)

Cassie Greene (© Elbtakt GmbH / Christoph Mannhardt)

Max Krumm (©Brainpool / Privat / Montage)

Melanie Schlüter (©Powervoice Frankenthal)

Nicole Milik (© MaximNoise)

Simon Glöde (©Brainpool / Privat / Montage)

Valentina (© Stefano Fonte)
More about those German hopes comes soon..

You wanna join the Clubconcert in Hamburg? Get your tickets here:

Ticket price is only 18 Euro.

Details about the venue:

    Clubkonzert Hamburg
    Schnackenburgallee 202
    22525 Hamburg

Gates open at 09:00 pm, latest entrance will be at 09:30 pm. The show starts at 10:00 pm. It will be possible to watch it live on NDR or via live stream on internet.


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