Saturday, December 20, 2014

ESC Stars take part in "Live It (Official Anthem)" for Qatar 2015

Some days ago the official anthem for the World Championship Handball in Qatar 2015 was released and now the official video is available on youtube. The song includes 24 Countries, 24 Artists and 1 Message. Look careful and you will see and hear some well known Eurovision contestants :)

Qatar 2015 - "Live It (Official Anthem)"

One of the most successful Eurovision participant, Alexander Rybak, is part of this anthem. He is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song 'Fairytale'. Earlier this year he released a new song called 'Into A Fantasy', which is soundtrack for the Dreamworks movie 'How To Drain Your Dragon 2'. You can see also Daniel Kajmakoski, he will represent Macedonia 2015 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Also well known is Ocena, she sung 'Endless Summer', which was the official anthem for the UEFA European Football Championship 2012. 2014 she was one of the hopefuls in the German national selection 'Unser Song für Dänemark'.

'Live It' - Qatar 2015 - Lyrics

The time is now
The chance is yours
To come together and to be united

Sing and dance
Spread the joy
The dream is ours and together we’ll touch the sky

Stand and fight
Earn the right
To live your life and be called a champion

Hold your breath
Seize the moment
And live it, win it

This is what we believe in
This is what we will do
This is our Only freedom
Seeing each other through

Sing ole ole
We stand as one
Sing ole ole
Till we have won

الحیاة .. تحلي فیك .. عیش كل لحظة و جدد فیھا حلمك
فیھ اكید .. حاجة فیك .. بتمیزك عن غیرك دور ع القوة فیك
كل یوم فیھ جدید .. شوف في مرایة حلمك كیف حقیقتك
لا تخلي .. یوم لطموحك سقف و روح لبعید .. حب و عیش

خلي الَفرح جوة العیون .. یرسم أمل جدید
اعطي لحیاتك ألف لون .. یا دوحة آن الآوان
غنوا ole .. من كل مكان
غنوا ole .. كلنا إنسان

Live the dream
You believe
Push it harder give it all it can take

Hand in hand
Here we stand
Our will is stronger and it’s never gonna break

Lift your voice
Show your soul
This is our chance and we’re gonna take it

Hold your breath
Seize the moment
And live it, win it

Together we stand united
Knowing that we belong
Fight to the end believing
Our passion will keep us strong

Sing ole ole
We stand as one Sing ole ole
Till we have won

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