Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Common Linnets - 'Best Selling Album of the Year 2014' in the Netherlands!

Ilse DeLange and her Eurovision Song Contest project The Common Linnets recorded the 'Best Selling Album of the Year 2014' in the Netherlands!

Read the official announcement here:

CONGRATULATIONS to The Common Linnets!

"Yesterday felt just like Christmas! Besides finding out that our album was the best sold album in The Netherlands we also received a triple platinum award during the finals of The Voice Of Holland. We realize how special this is..... Thanks to our great team and thanks to you for buying the album. Next year: new record, new tour! Happy holidays!" The Common Linnets posted yesterday on their Facebook page. 

The band got Triple Platinum for the album 'The Common Linnets' in the Netherlands. In February 2015 they will begin to record the new album.

Besides The Common Linnets there is also Anouk in the Top 10 Best Selling Album of the Year 2014 on 8th place with 'Paradise And Back Again'. Anouk represented The Netherlands 2013 in Malmö with 'Birds' and ended on 9th place in the Eurovision final. She also wrote the song for next years contestant, Trijntje Oosterhuis. The song is called 'Walk Along' and already available. You can listen to the song here:

The Common Linnets represented the Netherlands this year in Copenhagen with the song 'Calm After The Storm'. With a huge surprise this wonderful song ended on 2nd place in the Eurovision final. Watch again their fantastic performance:

The Common Linnets - 'Calm After The Storm'
(Eurovision Final)

Find out more about The Common Linnets and follow them: 

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