Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Album: Listen to 'ALIEN'' from Alien24!

Alien24 - ALIEN
(Album Release: 09.12.2014)
Alien24 is the collaboration from former Eurovision Song Contest winner Dima Bilan (Eurovision 2008 - 'Believe') and the sound producer Andrew Cherny. In June this year the project Alien24 released the first single 'Music Is In My Soul'.  Have you already listened this cool song?
It took a long time but now the full album from the promising project Alien24 is out since some days. 'ALIEN' includes 13 tracks. The most tracks are in English, some are in Russian language.

ALIEN - Tracklist
  1. Alien  03:48
  2. Music Is In My Soul 03:43
  3. Fairy World 03:53
  4. Angel 03:37
  5. Wally 03:53
  6. Light and Sky 03:46
  7. Fantom 04:31
  8. Tonight 03:45
  9. D or D 03:36
  10. Hypnosis 05:09
  11. Я не железный 04:12
  12. Я устал 03:11
  13. Значение 03:44
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We think you shouldn't miss to listen those songs:
  • Fairy World
  • Light and Sky
  • Tonight
  • Fantom
  • Я не железный
  • Я устал 

Find out more about Dima Bilan and Alien24 here: 

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