Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Video: Watch "Together (Young.Wild.Brave)" from Litesound

Karyakin brothers Dmitry and Vladimir, better known under their stage name Litesound, represented 2012 Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest with "Heroes". This year they returned to the national selection in Moldova with the song "Imagine".

In March they released their single "Раздеть тебя" (engl. "Undress You"). Litesound premiered some days ago the video for the new pop rock song "Together (Young.Wild.Brave)".

Litesound - "Together (Young.Wild.Brave)"(Official Video)

"Together (Young.Wild.Brave)" 

We are the kids in a candy store 
We are the waves on an ocean shore 
You and I 
We are the wings can't wait to fly 
We've got a chance to kiss our past goodbye 
You and I 
I see a heaven that's full of stars 
In the palm of my hand 

Together we make it right 
Together we make it good 
Together we're rocking o-o-o-o-o-o-o 
Like stars in Hollywood 
Together we are the one 
Together stand up and run 
To the unknown and catch the wave 
Young and wild and brave

We own the world, we're kings and queens 
Singing along slapping on the strings 
You and I 
We are the wheels that keep on spinning round 
We are the vibes that're gonna rock this town 
You and I 
I see a heaven that full of stars 
In the palm of my hand

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