Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Single: Listent to "Running Out Of Time" from Greta Salome

Greta Salome - "Running Out Of Time" (Released: 06.12.2016)
Greta Salome was chosen twice to represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest. This year she participated with "Hear Them Calling", but failed to qualify to the Eurovision final.

Her follow-up single "Row" was released in August and now she is back with "Running Out Of Time".

Greta Salome - "Running Out Of Time" (Official Video)

"Running Out Of Time" 

Slowly, slowly fade into this recklessness
slipping further now.
So close the blinds and shut the whole world out
forget about it all for a while.

We´re running we are running out of time
so hold me ´till we´re bruised by morning light
and all that´s left is one goodbye
We are running out, running out of time.

Slowly slowly sink into this restlessness
we pass the point of no return.
Cross our hearts we close our eyes and go
we´re slipping deeper into the unknown.

In autumn received Greta a challenge from her fans to make something different, something she wouldn't do normally with just her voice and her violin. Her challenge was to make her own version of the song "Seven Nation Army", which is originally from The White Stripes. In her version she is using her violin as drums, chords and all other instruments. She did a brilliant job and if you haven't seen the video for her cover, watch "Seven Nation Army" here...

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