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Poland: Exclusive! Interview with Martin Fitch "Without all of you, Eurovision would be a cool contest with no heart. You make this heart beat!"

Martin Fitch (© Kasper Zborowski-Weychman)
Martin Fitch, better known under his former Eurovision name Marcin Mrozinski, representd Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo with the song "Legenda". Martin released on 15th March 2016 his new single "Dzieli nas" and we are proud to show you EXCLUSIVE a video teaser of the English version "You & I", which will be out on 15th April 2016.

We talked to Martin some days ago about his new single "Dzieli nas", his Eurovision experiences, why he changed his name and moved to London and also about this years hopeful for Poland - Michal Szpak and his song "Color Of Your Life". Read our interview with Martin below and find out what he had to say...

Hello Martin, it’s already six years ago since you represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song “Legenda”. 

What happened in your life after Eurovision?
Martin: Let’s start with Eurovision was one of the most happy times in my life. It was my dream since I was 8 y.o. and the dream which came true. Miracle! But also hard work. After Eurovision I came back to the theatre as the next role was waiting for me. I won a casting and became Marius in polish version of “Les Miserables”. I kept continue playing in tv series, singing in some tv shows and host some shows for kids on Cartoon Network. I wasn’t thinking at all about making more music. I felt fulfilled. I was singing around the Europe, was invited to Portugal, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus. One day I woke up and decided I need some changes. I quit the theatre and decided to move to another country. First it was Germany, I lived in Hamburg over 1 year and then UK, London, where I am living at the moment and making my own music and getting ready to come back too.

Can you tell us something about your experiences from Norway?
Martin: It was expensive. Haha… Scandinavia is really expensive, but I loved every second of Eurovision, every rehearsal, concert, party. I loved being at Euroclub and join so many awesome fans from all around the world, I am also a big fan of the contest, so I felt I met not only fans, but friends, who I share the same passion with. I definitely had a time of my life there. And Norway is beautiful, I wish I had more time to explore, but it was crazy and busy 2 weeks. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. I felt really special and I am so happy I still have so many Eurovision friends from that time and still after 6 years people write me on Facebook and send appreciation messages. I love it.
What was your highlight in Norway?
Martin: I loved Munch museum. But most of all I remember evenings (a bit cold evenings) once I was coming back so tired after parties at Euroclub. I tried to sleep as much as I could during the day to charge my batteries for the next interview, party, rehearsal. I loved song of Harel Skaat"Milim". And loved sharing time with fantastic Niamh Kavanagh, she was such a sweetheart :)

Your new single “Dzieli nas” is out since 15th March 2016. What is the song about?
Martin: After moving to London, I felt I need to do something with my life, I need to find out what I really want to do and who I really am. This city inspired me a lot. I started writing my own songs and song ‘Dzieli nas’ was written first in English, the English title is “You and I”. It’s a song about love, but also about respect, equity. "Dzieli nas" means “What Makes Us Different”. In this song I am telling a love story with some ups and downs, but at the end it is more important what keeps us together, then makes us different. It’s this kind of song having actualy two meanings. I hate the situation in the world at the moment, we forgot that we are humans, we are the same. Politics in the world, imigrants, homophobia, xenophobia, nationalism. It makes me sick. And I want to song to be some kind of protest song, I want people to realize that we should fight for respect, not disrespect others. 

...and you also recorded the song in English? 
Martin: The song originaly was written in English. Then I left it in my computer for 2 years and finally I decided to publish this song. I wrote Polish lyrics and went to Poland first to share my love, respect and equity message over there.

Tell us something about the upcoming video for “Dzieli nas”…
Martin: I invited to my video ‘everyday’ people living in London. There is sweet 75 y.o. Jewish lady, Muslim girl, gay, Asian, obese person, sexy Afro-American girl, boy with leather fetish, draq queen, Indian bussinessman. Once people watch the video I want them to see that characters might have different ethnicities, religions, sexualities, but they are all the same – they are humans, who need to be respected for who they are.

Are you working on a complete album? If yes, when will it be out?
Martin: I am working on my album. I don’t want to rush anything as creating process is very magical. You never really know when or where you find inspirations. Pretty often I write my songs in the train. I just listen to my heart, watch people and I write about how I feel and what I think or what story from my life I would like to share. I wish the album was out in 2016, so hope coming back soon with some good news. For now, I will publish few singles first, to make people realize, that I am no more the same person they remember, that I’ve changed. I found a real me, I found out what I want from my life. I don’t want to play anymore any other roles. I want to share with audience what I have to say. It’s my time.

You already played in famous musicals like “The Phantom Of The Opera” or “Les Miserable”. Tell us something about your experiences and are you planning to continue this business? 
Martin: I love theatre. I love musicals. But I felt tired of creating characters and not having a chance to be myself. London is such an amazing place in the world, cause it brings fantastic actors to play at the theatres on West End. I had a chance to see Nicole Kidman, Uzo Aduba, Benedict Cumberbath on the stage. But I cannot see myself coming back to the theatre right now. I treat it more as a passion and fun right now, even my profession is being an actor.  

You left Poland and moved to UK, what was the reason? 
Martin: I needed some challenges. I felt Poland was to safe for me. I had great jobs, more and more roles coming, tv shows, lots of voice-overs. My phone was calling often with new job propositions. I realized I didn’t like this life, I had nothing to worry about, I felt too comfortable. So I decided to challenge myself, start from the beginning and so a new person.

…and you changed your stage name from Marcin Mroziński to Martin 
Martin: Yes, that’s correct. I am not anymore Marcin Mrozinski. I’m very grateful for what I had and how much I achieved in Poland, but I needed more. Changing stage name was some kind of borning anew. I felt I have to work 5 times harder to achieve something with new name as nobody knows who I am and nobody can google me and judge me by my past. It gave me as well a fresh start with my music. I started creating songs I love to sing and share with the audience. It might surprise few people how much I’ve changed, but I hope you’ll still remember Marcin, but give Martin Fitch a chance :) 

Do you still follow Eurovision?
Martin: I am such a huge fan. I loved it since I was a kid. Can’t imagine a year without watching it and following all the songs and the contest. I simply love it. And I miss it as well, I guess one day I’ll be back… if not as a singer, than maybe as a fan! And then we PARTY :)

Poland has chosen last Saturday and will sent Michal Szpak with “Color Of Your Life”. What do you think of this entry and about the chances in Stockholm?
Martin: I love Michal’s charisma. He is an artist. I am jealous actually that he is so young and has always known what he wants to do with his life. He is such a powerful singer and very emotional. He sings with his whole heart. I like his entry, even I was supporting Margaret in the national final, I believe that after few arrangement changes “Colour of Your Life” might become a dark horse of the contest, now it sounds too much 1992 for me, but maybe it is the secret of it’s success in Poland… who knows. I wish Michal all the best and hope you will love him as well! 

Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what is your favorite your home country?
Martin: “To nie ja”Edyta Gorniak, our legend. It is one of my favourite songs ever in the contest and also our Polish representative. But I love “Nocturne” (Norway ’95), “I am the voice” (Ireland ’96), “Ostani kraj mene” (B&H ’94), “Euphoria” (Sweden ’12), “Never forget” (Iceland ’12), “Milim” (Israel ’10). I could keep continuing, but you wouldn’t finish reading till tomorrow morning ;)) 

What is your first Eurovision memory?
Martin: Edyta singing „To nie ja“, me crying in the bathroom after, that she didn’t win the contest and because my parents recorded Eurovision ’94, I was watching it bilion times and sang „To nie ja“ on the balcony. My neighbours hated me for this one. Thanks God, I found out about "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston, so I had 2 songs to sing, not only one :)) 

Would you return to Eurovisision some day?
Martin: Yes. Quick answer, but very honest. Once I have a perfect song, I will be back, I promise! :)

What was the most excited moment in your life? 
Martin: Eurovision! And of course my first singing competition when I was 9. I won this competition and that made me believe I was born to be on the stage.

What are your wishes for the future? 
Martin: I wish to see you all soon again. And I wish we all enjoy this year’s contest. I wish you are all happy and have fun for me as well. Please send me pictures and videos from the Euroclub, parties and remember me :) 

Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans? 
Martin: I am so happy and grateful you exist! Without all of you, Eurovision would be a cool contest with no heart. You make this heart beat! Thank you for your support especially on Facebook and my Instagram. I appreciate every message, like and comment as it makes me feel I am a part of this amazing Eurovision family! Love ya! <3 

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for your new single “Dzieli nas” and the English version "You & I"! :-)

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