Thursday, April 14, 2016

Iceland: Hera Björk permiered "The Queen Of Everything" at Eurovision in Concert - Show tickets now available!

Hera Björk was one of the top favorites in Eurovision 2010 in Oslo with her song "Je ne sais quoi".

In the last month Hera Björk was very busy preparing something special. On Saturday she co-hosted Eurovision in Concert besides Cornald Maas in Amsterdam and she did it very well. Besides that she hab had big news about what happens in Stockholm in May. She will premiere her own upcoming solo show "Queen Of Effing Everything". The permiere of the show will be on 7th May 2016 in Playhouse Theatre in Stockholm. Right, it's in Stockholm and in the Eurovision weeks, the weekend before the main Eurovision events will start.

Be part of the permiere on 7th May 2016 and buy your tickets here:
Hera Björk presented the main song "The Queen Of Effing Everything" on 9th April 2016 during the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam for the first time to the audience. Here you can see her performance.

Hera Björk - "The Queen Of Effing Everything" 
(Live @ Eurovision in Concert)

Support Hera Björk and her music. Download her latest duet single "Christmas Song" with Maltese ESC contestant Chiara on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

For other possibilities check the stores in your country.

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