Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Album: Listen to "The Fall Of A Rebel Angel" from ENIGMA feat. Anggun, Aquilo, Mark Josher and Nanuk

ENIGMA - "The Fall of A Rebel Angel" (Released: 11.11.2016)
It's more than 25 years ago since Enigma mastermind Michael Cretu released the first Enigma album "MCMXC a. D.". The latest album "Seven Lives Many Faces" was released eight years ago. Now, eight years later, the Romanian producer Michael Cretu is back with the 8th Enigma album "The Fall Of A Rebel Angel".

"Sadeness Part I" was a masterpiece in 1990 with Gregorian chants and the voice of his former wife Sandra, who is well known from the 80s with her worldwide smash hit "Maria Magdalena". 26 years later the second part of "Sadeness" is produced with the voice from Anggun, who is known for her participation in ESC 2012 with the song "Echo".

Besides Anggun there are songs with voices from Mark Josher ("The Die Is Cast"), Nanuk ("Circle Eight") and Aquilo ("Amen").

After some experiments on the last albums Michael Cretu returned to Enigma's roots. The style remembers the listeners to the first album in a modern style.

"The Fall Of A Rebel Angel"

  1. Circle Eight (feat. Nanuk) 02:17
  2. The Omega Point 05:39
  3. Diving 02:52
  4. The Die Is Cast (feat. Mark Josher) 04:16
  5. Mother (feat. Anggun) 03:38
  6. Agnus Dei 03:57
  7. Sadeness, Pt. II (feat. Anggun) 04:08
  8. Lost in Nothingness 03:20
  9. Oxygen Red (feat. Anggun) 04:02
  10. Confession of the Mind 03:47
  11. Absolvo 02:01
  12. Amen (feat. Aquilo) 04:52
The vocals from Eurovision artist Anggun are on three of the songs. Besides them you shouldn't miss to listen the latest song on the album called "Amen". For sure this song, collaborated with Aquilo, is one of the best Enigma songs ever. It's planed to be released as single tomorrow. Stay tuned for the official video!

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