Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Remixes: Listen to "Sadeness Part II (Remixes)" from Enigma feat. Anggun

Enigma feat. Anggun - "Sadeness Part II (Remixes" 
(Released: 24.10.2016)
French singer Anggun (ESC 2012, "Echo") will be part of the forthcoming ENIGMA album "The Fall Of A Rebel Angel", which will be out on 11th November 2016. Her voice will be on three of the songs.

The first single from the 8th ENIGMA album is out since 10th October. Here you can watch the official video from "Sadeness Part II".

Enigma feat. Anggun - "Sadeness Part II" (Official Video)

A few weeks later some remixes of the songs have been released. They are produced by the international hit producer team Madizin , listen here:

Support the collaboration from Anggun with ENIGMA and download the first single "Sadness Part II" or listen to it on Spotify. Don't forget to pre-order the album "The Fall Of A Rebell Angel".

For other possibilites check the stores in your country.

Find out more about Anggun and follow here:

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