Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Album: Baccara - "I Belong To Your Heart"

Baccara - "I Belong To Your Heart"
(Released: 05.05.2017)
It's already 39 years ago since the Spanish disco ladies from Baccara represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest 1978 with the song "Parlez-vous francais?" (#7).  

Baccara are Maria Mendiola and Cristina Sevialla. They released the first single "I Belong To Your Heart" last year in December. The long waiting for new music comes to an end. The album "I Belong To Your Heart" is out now and includes 13 songs. 11 of them are complete new. There's also a new version of the song "Fantasy Boy", first released in 1988.  Producer of the album is Luis Rodriguez. Put on your dancing shoes and let's go back to the 70's with the new Baccara album.

"I Belong To Your Heart"

  1. I Belong to Your Heart 03:48
  2. Super Sexy Baby (feat. Mario Vaquerizo) 04:09
  3. I Will Follow You 03:19
  4. I Love You Moscow 03:20
  5. You Are My Angel 03:05
  6. All Your Love 03:27
  7. Conquer Any Distance 03:16
  8. Gimme Your Love 03:49
  9. Stand by Me 03:45
  10. Secret of Love 04:43
  11. Fantasy Boy 2017 03:50
  12. My Funky Love 03:23
  13. I Belong to Your Heart [Extended Version] 05:52

The song "Super Sex Baby" is a duet feat. Mario Vaquerizo.

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