Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Album: Wind - "Liebes Leben"

Wind - "Liebes Leben" (Released: 28.04.2017)
German pop band Wind is well known in the Eurovision history. They represented Germany three times, twice they ended on 2nd place in the Eurovision final. Do you remember?
  • ESC 1985 - "Für alle" #2
  • ESC 1987 - "Lass die Sonne in dein Herz" #2
  • ESC 1992 - "Träume sind für alle da" #16

Wind are one of the most successful Eurovision acts in the German history. The band exists already since more than 30 years and they are still active in music business. End of March the new Wind single "Das geht nur gemeinsam" has been released. Recently they released the first album since years with the title "Liebes Leben".

"Liebes Leben"

  1. Fang' an zu träumen 03:33
  2. Diese Nacht nochmal 03:30
  3. Das geht nur gemeinsam 03:19
  4. Musik ist mein Herzschlag 03:22
  5. Kein Liebeslied 03:19
  6. Frieden in dir 03:15
  7. Ein Happy End im falschem Film 03:42
  8. Weil es perfekt ist 03:32
  9. Nimm' dir Zeit 03:31
  10. Liebes Leben 03:14
  11. Winnetou 03:22
  12. Immer, immer wieder 03:31

"Das geht nur gemeinsam" (Official Video)

Wind are already confirmed to be part of ECON - Eurovision Convention 2017 in September in Frankfurt. 

Support Wind and their music. Download their new album "Liebes Leben" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

For other possibilities check the stores in your country.

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