Monday, May 8, 2017

New Album: O'G3NE - "We Got This (Special Edition)"

O'G3NE - "We Got This (Special Edition)" 
(Released: 28.04.2017)

O'G3NE will perform on Thursday in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with their song "Lights And Shadows". The Dutch girls released their latest album "We Got This" last year in September. On Friday the "Special Edition" of the album has been releaesd. The new version includes their Eurovision entry "Lights And Shadow" and the new songs "Clown", "Take Money And Run" and "Magic".

"We Got This (Special Edition)"

  1. Lights and Shadows 03:01
  2. Loved You First 04:00
  3. Cross Faded 03:12
  4. Outta My Head 03:08
  5. All Over Again 03:12
  6. Wait a Minute 02:44
  7. Satellite 03:30
  8. What You Do 03:02
  9. Hold Me Tight 03:16
  10. Take the Money and Run (bonus track) 02:46
  11. Lights and Shadows (Acoustic Version) 03:04
  12. Clown 03:49
  13. Magic 02:56

Support O'G3NE and their music. Download their Eurovision entry "Lights And Shadows" and their new album "We Got This (Special Edition)" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

For other possibilites check the stores in your country.

O'G3NE will represent The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. They will participate with "Lights And Shadows" in the second semi-final on 11th May 2017.

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