Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Itlay: Francesco Gabanni - "Occidentali's Karma" (Remixes)

Francesco Gabbani - "Occidentali's Karma - Remixes"
(Released: 05.05.2017)
Francesco Gabbani is the TOP favorit to win this years Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Occidentali's Karma". His Eurovision entry is now released in ten brand new remixes, isn't it the perfect sound for the parties in the Euroclub in Kyiv?!

"Occidentali's Karma" - REMIXES

  1. Occidentali's Karma (Marc Benjamin & DNMKG Remix) 04:12
  2. Occidentali's Karma (Benny Benassi & MazZz Remix) 04:38
  3. Occidentali's Karma (Gabry Ponte Remix) 05:10
  4. Occidentali's Karma (Addal Remix Edit) 03:30
  5. Occidentali's Karma (DJ Ross & Savietto Remix) 04:17
  6. Occidentali's Karma (Molella & Valentini Remix) [Edit] 02:44
  7. Occidentali's Karma (Tyro Maniac Remix) 03:33
  8. Occidentali's Karma (Simon From Deep Divas Radio Remix) 03:37
  9. Occidentali's Karma (Ken Holland vs. Mess Remix) [Edit] 03:29
  10. Occidentali's Karma (Wlady Remix) [Radio Edit] 03:19

The new album "Magellan" from Francesco Gabbani will be out this Friday and can be pre-ordered here.

Support Francesco Gabbani and his music. Download his Eurovision entry "Occidentali's Karma" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify

For other possibilities check the stores in your country.

Francesco Gabbani will represnt Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. As one of the BIG 5 countries he will participate in the grand final on 13th May 2017 with the song "Occidentali's Karma".

Find out more about Francesco Gabbani and follow him here:

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