Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OGAE Germany: Impressions 'Club Event 2014 Munich'

OGAE Germany celebrated their 10th anniversary last saturday in Munich with the 'Club Event 2014'. A big line up was already announced:

  • Malene Mortensen (ESC 2002 - Denmark)
  • Valentina Monetta (ESC 2012, 2013, 2014 - San Marino)
  • Jan Johansen (ESC 1995 - Sweden)
  • The Herrey's (ESC winner 1984 - Sweden)
The program started at 3pm. See some impressions from what you have missed in Munich:

Wirtshaus zum Isartal, Munich

Jan Johansen at his soundcheck

Malene Mortensen at her soundcheck

They Herrey's after the interview

Malene Mortensen after her interview

Frank Albers talks to Thomas Schreiber (NDR)

Special guest Caroline Reiber

Reinhard Ehret talks to Caroline Reiber

Malene Mortensen on stage

Valentina Monetta on stage

Jan Johansen on stage

The Herrey's on stage

They Herrey's and Jan Johansen sung together

The Herrey's, Valentina Monatta, Jan Johansen and Malene Mortensen

The OGAE Germany 'Club Event 2014' was a big success and the audience enjoyed the event very much. It was a fantastic atmosphere in the venue. People came from all over Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. After the official program has ended, the Eurovision acts spent time to talk to the audience and taking pictures. The DJ played till the early morning Eurovision songs.

Read some more impressions from that spectacular event in Munich:
We had the chance to talk to the ESC acts in Munich. Interviews are coming soon.. 

If you wann know more about OGAE Germany, find out here:

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