Friday, January 10, 2014

BELARUS: Tonight! Alyona Lanskaya as guest in the National Selection

Tonight will be the National Selection from Belarus. Special guests on this are last years Alyona Lanskaya and Polina Smolova (ESC 2006 with her song 'MUM'). Hosts of the show are Olga Ryzhykova and Denis Dudinskiy. You can watch it on channel 'Belarus 1' and 'Belarus 24' or on as live stream.

Hare are the finalists in their running order:

  1. Natalia Tamelo - Not What I've Been Looking For
  2. Nuteki - Fly Away
  3. Artem Mikhalenko - Rapsodia No.1
  4. Matvei Cooper and band DUX - Strippers
  5. TEO - Cheesecake
  6. Daria - Starlight
  7. Elena Siniavskaya - Via Lattea
  8. Alina Moshchenko - Angel Crying
  9. Janette - You Will Be Here
  10. Anastasia Milashevskaya - Runaway
  11. Switter Boys feat. Kate&Volga Karol - Vechnaya Lubov (Love Forever)
  12. Band Napoli - Stay With Me
  13. Max Lorens & Didyulya - Now You're Gone
  14. Tasha Odi - Empty Universe
You wann know more about the artists? Read this:
If you wann hear all the songs before this evenings National Final:

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