Thursday, January 23, 2014

ALBANIA: Exclusive Interview with Hersi Matmuja!

Hersi Matmuji will represent Albania this year in Copenhagen with her song 'Zemërimi I Një Nate'.

We had the chance to talk to her about Eurovision and about her plans. For now the release date of her song isn't sure yet. It's still in process to make a decision in which language she will perform.

First of all we would like to thank you for doing this interview with us. Congratulations to your victory in Albanian National Selection!

What does it mean for you representing your country on Eurovision 2014?

  • Hersi: It means a lot, because until now, I’ve been representing only myself in several contests, so this is  a responsibility of another level. I have to represent my whole  country, so I’ll have to do it the most worthily!

Who had the idea that you could represent Albania in Eurovision?

  • Hersi: It wasn’t a matter of idea, but of trust that us, me as a singer and the song authors, had in each other. Genti got inspired to write a song, Jorgo adapted the lyrics, and I had to sing it. We collaborated together the  past year, and arrived third. So, we decided to give it another try. 

What was your first thought as you realised 'I will represent my country on ESC 2014'?

  • Hersi: The first, and the last during all that night it was “Could it be true or am I only dreaming??”. I had dreamed about it for such a long time, that seeing it become reality seemed weird to me.

Your song is called ‘Zemërimi I Një Nate’ and you sing it in Albanian language. Is it finally decided if you sing in Albanian language or will it be changed in english? Or maybe in both languages?

  • Hersi: Well, that’s something we still haven’t decided, but we’re in the process of translation, so we could have the possibility to consider all the options.

What is the official release date for your Eurovision song? When can we see the cover?

  • Hersi: We’re working on that, we don’t have a release date, but I don’t think it will take much time.

Are you planing to make an promotional video? If yes, can you tell us something about that?

  • Hersi: Yes, we’re planning to do that, after we have a final version of the song. I have many ideas, but when we’ll discuss it seriously we will decide. 

Have you decided what will you wear in Copenhagen?

  • Hersi: No…the thing is that the song offers so many possibilities about the visual performance, and it’s not easy to choose, though I generally know what I like.

How will your stage performance be, anything special?

  • Hersi: I want it to be special in a very simple way. You know, something simple, but catchy.

What are you expecting in Copenhagen?

  • Hersi: I’m expecting to give the best of me. That’s all I want.

Are you a Eurovision fan? If yes, have you seen last years final show and what was your favorite?

  • Hersi: I watch Eurovision every year, because I like that every country brings it's own authenticity in a modern way…tradition and time get together. I like a lot of songs every year.

What is your favorite entry from your country?

  • Hersi: Well, it’s not an easy question te be answered by a singer! As an artist, I know and appreciate all the artists that have represented our country each year. Apart that, it’s my birthplace being represented. So, it’s the same feeling every year.

What is your all time favorite song from Eurovision?

  • Hersi: What’s yours?! See, you can’t choose! ;-)

Can you tell us something about Hersi in private?

  • Hersi: Hersi doesn’t really have that “interesting mediatic life”, but it’s very pleasant to me, the way I live. I wake up early every morning to go to school. I live in Rome, where I study classical music at the Santa Cecilia music conservatory, I’m on the fifth year now. So I pass my biggest time at school, and I turn home in the evening. On the weekends we do many concerts or competitions of the classical in Rome or other cities of Italy. Because of the school I only visit Tirana for vacations. I am very attached with my family, my parents, my sisters and brothers, my grandma, though! 

Have you ever met an ESC artist? If yes, how was your meeting?

  • Hersi: All the Albanian artists. We have a friendly relationship. For example, Frederik Ndoci, he wrote the song with wich I participated on the FiK for the first time! 

What are your plans in music for 2014?

  • Hersi: I’ll have to work double, triple, or more… I have to focus on the Eurosong performance, but without leaving my studies aside… That should be my whole agenda, by far…

In April it will be in Amsterdam 'Eurovision in Concert'. Have you decided to be there to promote your song?

  • Hersi: I want to be. 

What was the most excited moment in your life?

  • Hersi: 28. December 2013! 

What are your wishes for the future?

  • Hersi: Oh, I only wish for good health, physically and mentally. With that comes all the rest!

Why should European people vote for you?

  • Hersi: Because I’ll give my best to give them reasons to do it!

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in Copenhagen. See you there!

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