Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ISRAEL: IBA announced Mei Feingold

Last year Israels broadcaster IBA did a big national selection to find Moran Mazor to represent Israel in Malmö with her song 'Rak Bishvilo'. Moran failed in the second Semi-Final with her 14th place with only 40 points. You remember her song 'Rak Bishvilo'?

This year IBA decided to make a internal selection with only three artists.
  • Maya Buskila
  • Ela Doron
  • Mei Feingold

At the end Mei Feingold was chosen to sing on this years Eurovision Song Contest for Israel.

Mei Feingold is very pupular in Israel from the national casting show called 'Kochav Nold'. In that casting show she is very well known for singing mostly rock songs. Mei is 31 years old and sings since some years in a band called 'Disiac'. She plays in several musicals and was solist of the band called 'Limousine Express'.

Israel plan to make a little National Selection with only 2 to 4 songs from Mei Feingold. If this National Selection will be on TV is not known yet. We have to wait the next weeks for more informations.
"I would like to thank all committee members and the IBA representatives who are the best in the local music industry. I believe in our choice and wish the best of luck to Mei Feingold. The main mission is now in front of us, which is selecting the song that will represent Israel in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest" said Yitzhack Sonnenshine about the selecetion of Mei Feingold.
Mei Feingold sung a very good interpretation from the amazing song 'HALLELUJAH'. You wanna hear?


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