Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Release: Alyona Lanskaya - 'SPEAK'

Belarus beauty participant Alyona Lanskaya reached in the Eurovision final 2013 unfortunately only the 16th place with her dance song 'SOLAYOH'. The rest of the year was kinda busy for her. She gave birth of her daughter, she released her album 'SOLAYOH' and she got awards for 'SONG OF THE YEAR 2013' and 'BEST POP SINGER 2013'.

Alyona with her daughter Nickol
Award 'Best Single of the year'

Now she released her new single 'SPEAK' in russian and english language.
  • Watch the english version 'SPEAK':

  • Watch the russian version 'SPEAK':

This song is very cool and the video very well done too. What do you think about her new single? Intrested to hear more from Alyona?

Check out her album on Soundcloud:

Her album was recorded, arranged and mastered in the very famous 'ABBEY ROAD' studios in London and includes 19 tracks. Those 14 songs you can listen on Soundcloud.

1. Don't Say Sorry
2. Edge Of The World
3. Enough
4. You're The Lucky One
5. Menage A Trois
6. Paper Aeroplanes
7. Speak
8. The Wait Is Over
9. With You
10. Rainbow
11. Rhythm Of Love
12. I'm Living In A Sin
13. All My Live
14. Lady Madonna

If you like this album - buy and support Alyona:

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