Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FRANCE: Destan? Joanna? Twin Twin?

In the last years the participant for France was chosen by an internal jury. In 2013 France was represented by Amandine Bourgeois with her fantastic song 'Lénfer et moi' and brought France with 14 Points only on 23rd place in the final.

This year they make a change since 2007. It will be a public voting to find the best act and the best song to represent France this year on the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. The National Selection will be on January 26th. Presenters of the show will be Natasha St Pier and Cyril Féraud.

Cyril Féraud
Natasha St Pier

Here are the show acts:

Video: Vole

L'école des duplicatas

TWIN TWIN Video: Je Vais Très Bien
Which act you like most? Who could have the best chances in Copenhagen? Let's find it out on 26th of January in the National Selection.


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