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Malta: Exclusive! Interview with Claudia Faniello "I'm a typical girl from next door - and a diva by night"

Claudia Faniello won the Maltese national final of "MESC 2017". Claudia will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song "Breathlessly".

We spoke to Claudia before the Eurovision pre-party season has started. Read our interview with her below to find out what she had to say...

Hello Claudia, congratulations for winning the Maltese national final of “MESC 2017”!

How does it feel to represent Malta at the ESC 2017? Could you describe your first reaction as it was clear that you won the competition?
Claudia: Oh, it feels awesome! As we waiting for the final votes people in the audience started to chant my name, and the feeling was incredible also because I had so many thoughts going through my head before I heard the word "BREATHLESSLY!" I then cried, out of joy!
What should people outside Malta know if they never heard about you before? Could you introduce yourself a bit?
Claudia: I'm your typical girl from next door (and diva by night!). I love music, I love people, I love travelling. I love sharing my things with others, and that includes my music. I do not just want to sing songs, I want to touch people with what I sing too.
What is the message of "Breathlessly"?
Claudia: BREATHLESSLY is all about emotion. In life we go through several ups and downs and nothing is ever perfect in any relationship. Sometimes it is harder than you think or what people see on the outside because we are trapped in our own world of emotions. However, there is always a solution somewhere, and as part of the lyric says: "No walls are too high to climb".
Can you tell us something about the beginning of your career?
Claudia: I have started off my career on a TV show for new talent. It was a great experience for me and it opened several doors. Then I attempted my luck at Eurovision, but it took my 9 years to get there! Do I regret it? No, because each year I fell I stood up again, and it made me stronger ,and it has enriched me in a very good way.I feel it came at the right point in my career, and I carry the past experience on my shoulder. Because success is not final... Failure is never fatal. It is the courage and strength to continue that really matters!
What are you expecting in Kyiv, are you excited?
Claudia: I am very excited, and I am expecting a lot of good things and a great experience. Meeting so many people, and getting to know so many fans. I am a fan myself, so it is great for me to meet all the others. The only difference would be that  we will be on opposite sides of the stage on the night, that's all. But we are one heart, and one muisc.
How will you prepare yourself for the show?
Claudia: Vocally, mentally, emotionally. 
Do you think it’s an advantage that you have been part of many competitions before?
Claudia: I think experience - whether good or bad - is always an advantage. One falls, one dusts oneself, one stands up again. We are stronger when we have been through things - so yes, I do think it could be an advantage in how one handles the competition.
Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what are your all time favorites from the Maltese entries?
Claudia: I just have a soft spot for Vertigo. It was such an intriguing song. As for Eurovision, I did like Euphoria a lot, and Mans...! :)
What are your first Eurovision memories?
Claudia: Sitting at home with my family, and my brother Fabrizio, who represented Malta twice in the contest, and watching the show! Oh, that was so nice. Whoever had to tell us that we would be singing on that stage one day!!!!!
What are your plans for 2017 besides being part of ESC 2017, are you working on a album?
Claudia: I'm always working on something, and yes there are plans for an album and some songs being crafted in the pipeline. Nothing is definite yet, but working on some stuff for sure. And, I want to travel, travel, travel!
Why should Europe vote for you?
Claudia: Because I want them to not only listen to a good song, I would like to give them some emotion. And I feel that if a song touches you, then it could be worth reaching out to vote for it. Besides, Malta is a nice place to be! I will definately invite all of Europe to my beautiful country for some sea, sun and fun, if we ever get to host Eurovision in Malta one day! 
Do you have a message for “Join Us on Eurovision” readers and your fans?
Claudia: I would just like to say thank you to all fans out there who support all of artists. Without you we are nothing, because you help make us who we are, and by appreciating our music you are giving us something back. I do understand that people have different opinions on song, and that is very understandable, but ultimately music is what unites us all - so let us reach out and celebrate together this beautiful event in the most positive way possible. Love you all :) 
Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song "Breathlessly". See you in Kyiv!

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Claudia Faniello will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. She will participate in the second semi-final on 11th May 2017 with the song "Breathlessly".

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