Thursday, July 7, 2016

ESC Radio Awards 2016: These are the WINNERS 2016!

Till 3rd July 2016 you had the chance to vote for your favourites from this years Eurovision Song Contest. The lines are closed and now we know who won the ESC Radio Awards 2016 from the fans.

These are the lucky winners: 

Congratulations to this year winners!

The team of ESC Radio will try to give the awards to the winners in the next weeks.

For this years Eurovision Song Contest winner Jamala from Ukraine it's not the best result. Her song "1944" made it only on #6 and as Female Artist she is only on #5. If you see the fan result after Eurovision - was she really the deserved winner of Eurovision 2016?!

Full voting result can be seen here:

Let's have a look at the former 'ESC Radio Award' winner:

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