Monday, October 5, 2015

New Single: Listen to "Viskas Bus Gerai" from Donny Montell

Donatas Montvydas, better known under his stage name Donny Montell, represented 2012 Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the song "Love Is Blind".

Donny is working at the moment on his new album "#BLCK" which will be out very soon. Stay tuned.. Some days ago he released a new song called "Viskas Bus Gerai" on youtube and here are the lyrics.

"Viskas Bus Gerai" (Lyrics)

Kai mes liekame dviese man ramu
As bandau mus apsaugot nuo kitu 
Kai pasaulis bando griauti
Tai kas lemta nuo pradziu 
Man baisu man baisu

Viska ka tik galejau tau daviau
Atiduociau ta pati,- dar daugiau
Tegu juokiasi is musu
Gali mus vadint kvailiais
Man tas pats man tas pats

Viskas taip kaip mes norejom
Mes mylejom ir tikejom
Mums viskas bus gerai
Mes zinojom kaip nelengva
Kai pasaulis nesupranta
Mums viskas bus gerai

Galim gincytis istisas dienas
Mes negalime vienas be kito ne nes
Nesupratom ka pradejom
Bet zinojom vardan ko
Del taves del taves

Gal mes leidom daug daugiau nei
galim leisti sau
Viskas baigta tik tada kai
to noresim mes

Viskas bus gerai...

Donny Montell - "Viskas Bus Gerai" (Audio)

Here you can listen to his latest single "#BLCK", which is a collaboration with Echoes

Find out more about Donny Montell and follow him here:

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