Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Album: Listen to "Day One" from Sunrise16

Sunrise16 - "Day One" (Released: 16.10.2015)
Nadine Beiler represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. She was the first participant since 2004 who got a ticket to perform in the Eurovision final. Her song "The Secret Is Love" ended on 18th place. Do you remember her entry?

Since 2013 she is part of the group Sunrise16. Besides Nadine the band members are Sara Koell (Vocals), Jason Dunman (Vocals) and Harald Fahrngruber (DJ / Production). They already released some songs and here you can see the latest single "Imaginarium".

Sunrise16 feat. Sara Koell - "Imagrinarium" (Official Video)

The Austrian band released some days ago their debut album "Day One". The album includes 18 tracks and is available on all digital platforms. The music style is a mix of pop, soul, r&b and hip-hop.

"Day One" - Tracklist

  1. Intro  00:18
  2. I Know 03:30
  3. I Choose Love (Sunrise Edit) 03:09
  4. High Life (feat. Celina Ann) 03:09
  5. Holiday Freak 03:02
  6. Moonlight Serenade 03:37
  7. Don't Waste My Time (feat. Lisa Marie Federick) 04:01
  8. Day One 03:06
  9. Life on the Line 03:36
  10. Addicted 04:53
  11. Dance in the Rain 03:22
  12. Someday 04:02
  13. Close to the Edge 03:12
  14. Imaginarium 03:26
  15. Broke 02:51
  16. Rich'n Blaze 03:26
  17. Outro 01:02
  18. Stay Blessed 03:06
Support Sunrise16 and their debut album. Download "Day One" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

Here you can see the brand new video from "I Know" feat. Nadine Beiler...

Sunrise16 feat. Nadine Beiler - "I Know" (Official Video)

On 31st of October you have the chance to see Nadine Beiler live in Luxembourg. She will be part of the 8th edition of the Eurovision Gala Night. Besides her there are already six other fantastic live acts confirmed. Who know, maybe she will play some of the songs from Sunrise 16 too ;-))

Find out more about Sunrise 16 and follow them here:

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