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MOLDOVA: Exclusive! Interview with Cristina Scarlat 'Trust in your WILD SOUL, it is the most powerful element within yourself!'

Cristina Scarlat © Roman Rybalev
Cristina Scarlat won the national final 'O Melodie Pentru Europa' in Moldova on 15th of March with his song 'Wild Soul'. She will represent Moldova this year in Copenhagen in the first Semi-Final on 6th of May with start number 11.

Watch the official video of 'Wild Soul'

We had the chance to talk to Cristina Scarlat some days ago. Read our interview below to find out what she had to say...

Hello Cristina, first of all congratulations for your victory in the national final ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa’ on 15th of March.

How does it feel to be the representative for Moldova in Copenhagen with ‘Wild Soul’ this year?

Cristina: Incredible, amazing, shocking and trust me, the list can go on! :) It is a big honor and even a bigger responsibility that motivates me to push all the boundaries and give my best!

In 2013 you reached 2nd place in the national final. What was your first thought as you realised 'I won! I will represent my country on ESC 2014'?
Cristina: To be honest, I don’t even know when that thought came to me. :) I was overwhelmed by emotions and I kept wondering if I had to wake up from that beautiful dream. Luckily, my dream carries on and I consider myself a very fortunate person for having experienced such an intense moment of professional fulfillment.

Who had the idea that you could take part (again) in ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa’?
Cristina: I knew that I would take part in “O Melodie Pentru Europa” from the next day after the National Final 2013.  Having reached the 2nd place last year felt like being one step away from the victory and that could only mean one thing: I needed more strength and a wild soul to win!     

Who decided ‘Wild Soul’ for ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa 2014’?
Cristina:  Let’s call it a group decision. “Wild Soul” is the beautiful end result of Ivan Akulov, Lidia Scarlat and the arrangement made by Corneliu Bucătaru, so I guess that all of us believed in the chances of the song.

Why it was chosen to sing in English and not in your home language?
Cristina: The energy of the song is very dramatic and I want people to understand the words that carry this dramatic character, otherwise I think people would remain confused and not understand the depth behind the melody.

‘Wild Soul’ is written by Lidia Scarlat. You are her aunt. Can you tell us something about this collaboration?
Cristina: Lidia is my niece, my friend, my songwriter, the press head of my team and there are so many more ad-hoc tasks that she fulfills. As her aunt, I am extremely happy to have such a multitalented beautiful young niece. I am very proud to have the opportunity of collaborating with Lidia at so many levels.

Can you tell us something about the story behind ‘Wild Soul’?
Cristina: The story is very simple and very complex at the same time, just like life is. The song approaches some of the biggest issues that humans are faced with: uncertainty about their mission on Earth, unachievable happiness and lack of Time. Dark scenario so far, isn’t it? :) Haha..Actually, “Wild Soul” is motivational because its message is that we have the power to surpass even the toughest challenges but we have to look for it within ourselves. We always have two options to choose from: we can lament and be caught in the chains of frustration or we can show no mercy to the mistakes from the past and carry on with our hearts filled with hope. I consider myself a fighter so the alternative looks more appealing to me.

You grew up in a very musically family. Can you tell us something about that and the beginning of your career?
Cristina: Family and music have been priorities for me since my childhood. Fortunately, my passion for music has always been understood and encouraged by all my relatives. Therefore even all the beginnings are tricky, I was blessed with a lot of support and motivation from my beloved ones who made the path of my career much smoother.

On 5th of April it was the biggest Eurovision Song Contest promotion event befor Eurovision and you was one of the participants. How was it to meet all the other participants?
Cristina: I really looked forward to meeting all the contestants. It was really nice sharing ideas and impressions with artists that are experiencing the same emotions and responsibilities of representing their countries. We were all on the same page: friendly and very talkative.

Cristina Scarlat @ EIC 2014

Teo from Belarus and you had the same yellow jacket, was it planned?

Cristina: Haha, no! But we were both very amused by the coincidence.

How was it to perform at the ‘Eurovision in Concert’?
Cristina: The vibe was amazing, the audience extraordinary. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we had a lot of dedicated fans who knew the lyrics of the songs, who encouraged us continuously and I am very grateful for the strength that I gained during “Eurovision in Concert”.

What are you expecting in Copenhagen?
Cristina: I am expecting for the chance of a lifetime and my intuition tells me that I am not wrong.

Can you tell us something about your stage performance in Copenhagen?
Cristina: We have designed a new concept of the staging for Copenhagen but the idea of the one from the National Final remains the same. I wouldn’t want to disclose too much but the audience will still see a Cristina who is both, delicate and strong.

Are you a Eurovision fan?
Cristina: I am indeed and that is one of the many reasons why I am thrilled to have such an unbelievable opportunity.

Which are your favorite Eurovision songs and what is your favorite from Moldova?
Cristina: There are so many that I wouldn’t be able to name just a few. I am a fan of good music and Eurovision always reunites talented artists with beautiful songs. Also, I have always supported the entrants from Moldova as I had the certainty that my beloved country will be well represented.

Can you tell us something about Cristina in private and which kind of music do you like?
Cristina: I am quite an open book and my fans know me just as much as my close friends do. I am a committed mother and wife, extremely positive and sociable. I am always delighted to have a meaningful conversation, a cup of coffee and happy to be surrounded by friends and warmhearted people.

What makes you happy?
Cristina: Spending quality time with my children.

What are your plans in music for 2014 beside Eurovision?
Cristina: I intend to make another video in the summer and to work on a new album.

What was the most excited moment in your life?
Cristina: I can’t choose just one exciting moment as there are so many that cross my mind right now. However, most of them are related to my family.

What are your wishes for the future?
Cristina: I hope to have more beautiful challenges like Eurovision that would motivate me to be stronger and more confident in my own abilities.

Why should European people vote for
‘Wild Soul’?

Cristina: They should vote for “Wild Soul” if they feel the same. The motivational message of the song addresses to those who feel down or insecure and it inspires them to believe in the untamed free spirit that will guide them to achieving happiness. So, from wild soul to wild soul, vote for Moldova!

Do you have a message for ‘Join Us on Eurovision’ readers and your fans?
Cristina: Trust in your wild soul, it is the most powerful element within yourself!

Thank you so much for answer those questions. Good luck for you and your song in Copenhagen. See you there!
Cristina: Thank you for all the positive energy and amazing feedback! It means the world to me and I count on each of your votes!

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