Friday, November 7, 2014

Poland: 'Hiper Chimera' from Donatan & Cleo out now!

Donatan & Cleo - 'Hiper Chimera' (Release: 07.11.2014)
Donatan & Cleo releasing their first album 'Hiper Chimera' today, which includes 14 tracks. The CD-version includes 2 bonus tracks.

In Copenhagen they represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'My Słowianie - We Are Slavic'. In the grand final reached the song 14th place with 62 points.

'Hiper Chimera' - Tracklist

  1. Introdukcja
  2. Hiper/Chimera
  3. Brać gośc. Enej
  4. Sztorm
  5. Ten Czas gośc. Kamil Bednarek
  6. Slavica
  7. Tłusty czarny kot
  8. Cicha Woda gośc. Sitek
  9. Cofnąć Czas gośc. Miuosh
  10. My Słowianie
  11. Papierowy Ład
  12. B.I.T gośc. Waldemar Kasta
  13. Nie pozwól gośc. Kamil Bednarek 
  14. Efekt Motyla

    CD Bonus Tracks
  15. Nie lubimy robić
  16. Winylova
You can download the album on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

In the next days you have the chance to see them live on stage - here are the Tour Dates for Poland:

Find out more about Donatan & Cleo and follow them:

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